GSA makes additions to OASIS small business on-ramp

The General Services Administration unveils a new cadre of apparent small business awardees for the OASIS professional services contract on-ramp and one name on the list got on thanks to a legal fight.

One initial protestor who initially missed out on the OASIS professional services contract vehicle’s on-ramp has momentarily moved to the win column, but a second remains off the list of awardees pending an appeal.

The General Services Administration on Friday unveiled a new list of apparent awardees pending a pre-award accounting system review or approval by the Small Business Administration of any amendments to mentor-protégé joint venture agreements.

DigiFlight Inc. is the name that jumps off the page in GSA’s latest announcement. That company filed a lawsuit at the Court of Federal Claims last year over its exclusion from an award, saw it dismissed in a favorable ruling for GSA and subsequently took the case up a level to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Whatever caught the attention there of either GSA or the Federal Circuit Appeals Court judge overseeing the matter was apparently enough of an argument that led to DigiFlight getting a position in Pools 3 and 4 of the OASIS small business on-ramp.

GSA said anticipates no additional rolling contract awards other than those announced Friday for the pools that respectively cover professional services for military applications and accounting and financial services.

DigiFlight joins the dozens of awardees for Pool 3 and 4 that secured their positions earlier this year.

Still not in the on-ramp’s win column yet is Wavelink, which did get a minor victory in July after GSA revealed it would take a corrective action and evaluate revised proposals including that company’s bid for a Pool 3 award.

Wavelink does have the option of continuing its protest. But this also serves as a reminder that winning one’s protest does not guarantee an ultimate victory of a contract award.