NOAA wraps up awards on $3B 'ProTech' services vehicle

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration makes the final set of awards on its broad $3 billion "ProTech" contract vehicle for professional and technical services.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has made the fourth and final set of awards as part of a broader professional and technical services contract vehicle to support the agency’s environmental intelligence gathering mission.

For this last round, NOAA chose 22 companies for the “Weather” domain of the so-called “ProTech” vehicle that is the agency’s mandated strategic sourcing vehicle to consolidate such services into a single procurement. ProTech has an overall ceiling of $3 billion across all domains for a two-year base period followed by three individual option years.

NOAA unveiled the set of Weather domain awardees in a notice posted Wednesday to Beta.Sam.Gov. Awards went to both large and small businesses, while the total number of bidders is unknown at this time.

The Weather domain covers services to help NOAA’s daily weather forecasting, severe storm warning and climate monitoring functions. A pre-award protest by Cyberdata Technologies over its exclusion from the competition was denied in November of last year.

Large business winners are:

  • Ace Info Solutions (acquired by Dovel Technologies)
  • Columbus Technologies and Services
  • Earth Resources Technology
  • M. Systems Group
  • Innovim
  • MCR Federal
  • PAE
  • Science Technology Corp.
  • Syneren

Small business winners and any related socio-economic categories are as follows:

  • RedLine Performance Solutions
  • SMRC
  • Skjei Telecom
  • Systems Integration and Development Inc.
  • Telophase Corp.
  • Lynker Technologies (HUBZone)
  • Centura Corp. (service-disabled, veteran-owned)
  • Integrated Systems Solutions (service-disabled, veteran-owned)
  • MSM Columbus Ventures (service-disabled, veteran-owned)
  • Alethix (woman-owned)
  • IBBS Corp. (woman-owned)
  • M2 Strategy (woman-owned)
  • Technical Engineering and Support Alliance (woman-owned)

Companies on the Weather domain will bid for task orders to perform scientific and technical research, studies, experiments, needs assessments and evaluations of both economic valuation and return-on-investment efforts.

Awardees will also develop new predictive models, systems technologies, IT offerings, information products, and analytical and forecasting tools.

Weather is one of four tracks the ProTech vehicle was broken into alongside others including Oceans, Satellite and Fisheries. Including those for Weather, a total of 86 companies combined have won seats on the ProTech vehicle.

NOAA awarded the Oceans piece in January of last year to 24 awardees, who will work with NOAA’s National Ocean Service in its mission to preserve the U.S.’ coastal resources and ecosystems.

The Fisheries track opened for business in late 2018 and has 17 companies that support NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service in protecting seafood resources. In mid-2017, work on the Environmental piece started and the 23 companies involved in that focus on linking users with data on weather, climate and oceanic events.

ProTech is a brand new requirement and thus there were no incumbents. The entire Commerce Department can use the ProTech vehicle given it is the Cabinet-level entity NOAA is a part of.