Lockheed hires former DARPA chief as CTO

Lockheed Martin hires DARPA's most recent director to be the company's next chief technology officer and its current CTO moves into a new position.

Lockheed Martin has hired Steven Walker, formerly director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, as the company’s next chief technology officer.

Walker’s appointment takes effect on Monday and he will act as the company’s liason to science and technology communities in the U.S. and around the world.

The company said Walker will also oversee its technology road maps, corporate research-and-development projects, coordinate certain independent R&D investments across Lockheed’s business areas.

Reuters first reported Lockheed’s hire of Walker.

Walker stepped down from DARPA in December after two years as director and his resignation took effect Friday. He is credited with bolstering the agency’s focus on hypersonic weapons and low-Earth orbit satellites, as well as spearheading initiatives in areas such as microelectronics, alternative computing and third-wave artificial intelligence.

Keoki Jackson, formerly CTO for five years, will shift into a new role as chief engineer and vice president of engineering and program operations in a move also effective Monday.

Jackson will be responsible for integrating company-wide operations in areas such as supply chain, quality, sustainment and program management. He will also lead the development of advanced capabilities in data analytics and assess technical and programmatic issues in support of Lockheed’s business areas.

“Over the course of a 30-year career, Steven Walker has spearheaded breakthrough technology projects that are both mission-focused and forward-thinking, and will bring considerable expertise to the chief technology officer role,” Lockheed Senior Vice President of Corporate Engineering, Technology and Operations Rod Makoske said in a statement.

“Keoki Jackson’s proven track record in agile program performance and advanced technology development, including artificial intelligence and data analytics, make him ideally suited for the Chief Engineer role. As we look to a future shaped by advancements like AI, hypersonics, and multi-domain operations, the leadership of both Steven and Keoki will help us ensure we are delivering mission value today and tomorrow.”