GSA social media timeline sputtering to a halt?

The General Services Administration's crowdsourced Web graphic showing federal social media activity is languishing.

Activity on the General Services Administration’s social media timeline on Dipity has slowed to a crawl, with only a single entry added since June.

The U.S. Government Use of Social Media Timeline is a crowdsourced record of major milestones in federal agency adoption of Web 2.0 tools including blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Starting with the White House’s live-streaming of the official Easter egg roll on the lawn in 2002, the timeline is a digital journalist’s dream with dozens of benchmarks such as EPA creating a blog called "Flow of the River" (July 2007) and the State Department tweeting in Arabic for the first time (February 2011).

It has had periods of inactivity before, notably a lull from February to May 2011 previously reported in this blog.

Once again, the absence of new entries raises the question: Is federal adoption and use of social media really slowing down, or are the crowds simply neglecting to crowdsource as expected? Should the timeline be retired if it’s not providing useful information anymore?

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