Social Media

State seeks social media monitoring tools

State Department files a sources-sought notice to determine if small business could fulfill its requirements.

CACI helps Army fine-tune communications efforts

The contract calls for helping the Army more effectively engage with its geographically, culturally and linguistically diverse audience.

SI Organization buys intell firm

Acquisition bolsters strategic communications capabilities to serve intelligence and defense customers.

3 steps to getting your small business discovered

Marketing maven Mark Amtower shares expert tips for making your small business stand out in the crowd.

Finding NASA's new multi-player game on Facebook takes one giant leap

If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make NASA's new space history trivia game easy to find on Facebook?

Unisys, ERT put NOAA employees in the cloud

The $11.5 million project gives 25,000 NOAA employees e-mail access through Google Apps for Government.

White House schedules Tweetup during SOTU

Followers of the @WhiteHouse Twitter account are being invited to the White House to live-tweet during the State of the Union speech.

Message to Facebook: Knock off the changes.

Facebook's Timeline feature creates confusion, not clarity.

High-tech projects hit the most wasteful list

Sen. Tom Coburn's annual list of wasteful government spending does not spare new technologies.

ICF makes $100M deal for Web developer

The purchase brings Ironworks’ federal clients, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Veterans Affairs Department.

What PayPal and Regretsy can teach federal social media managers

PayPal's fiasco in trying to block charitable donations can provide some pointers for you.

Twitter: Is this 'river of information' too polluted to be useful?

Scott Klososky, the opening keynote at the Executive Leadership Conference, made some questionable statements about the value of social media.

Listening in on GovLoop

Steve Kelman takes time to hear what the GovLoopers are saying.

GSA social media timeline sputtering to a halt?

The General Services Administration's crowdsourced Web graphic showing federal social media activity is languishing.

Salesforce grows with cloud help-desk acquisition has acquired Assistly, an instant customer service help desk built for the cloud, for approximately $50 million in cash.

Will a national alert system be ready for the next emergency?

Tuesday afternoon's 5.8 earthquake left hundreds of thousands of people along the East Coast temporarily without cell-phone service as circuits became overloaded and communications in many cases was reduced to texting or tweets. So what's a nation to do?

Social media travels faster than seismic waves

In a potentially disastrous earthquake, social media provided the connectivity people needed.