NARA photo contest attracts only 35 entries so far -- start clicking

Right now, your odds of winning are pretty good.

Pssst! -- want better than 50-50 odds on winning a prestigious new federal photo contest?

The National Archives and Records Administration’s first online photo competition has gotten just 35 entries, with 20 winners to be selected.

As of today, that’s a 57 percent chance of winning for each entrant, which is an surprising opportunity considering that an award from NARA would look impressive on the resume of any photographer.

Of course, the odds would be reduced as more people enter the competition before the closing date on Jan. 21. The winning photos will be featured in a NARA postcard book.

The “History Happens Here” Augmented Reality Photo Contest that started last Dec. 13 showcases mash-up photos that use images from NARA’s historic archives. For example, in one entry, a historic image of the Washington Monument under construction is held up next to an image of the monument as it stands now. In another entry, a photograph of President John F. Kennedy and his family standing on the U.S. Capitol staircase is superimposed on a current photograph of the staircase.

Time is running out, and if I were a better photographer, I’d enter the contest myself. Get all the details about participating here.