Ken Thibodeau retires from electronic archive development

Ken Thibodeau retired from the National Archives and Records Administration on Jan. 1 after 25 years in the federal government.

White House has a new wiki; NARA, SSA start social media projects

Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra said a new wiki for the ExpertNet project was created as a model for public participation.

NARA e-mail service on the fritz

Efforts to replace faulty network equipment have been complicated by problems with U.S. trade law.

NARA wants you to 'like' the Constitution

The National Archives and Records Administration has started a Facebook fan page for the U.S. Constitution.

New-look Federal Register online debuts

The government today released a new online prototype for its daily diary of agency and news that's designed to be more usable, understandable and accessible.

NARA's chief information officer to retire

As CIO, Martha Morphy oversees deployment of the initial parts of NARA's $550 million Electronic Records Archives system. Her retirement is effective July 2.

Another high-level administration officials takes to the blog

National archivist David Ferriero gets credit for starting his own blog, but he ought to loosen up a little, writes blogger Brian Robinson.

National Archives wants input on open government

The National Archives wants to know how to be more transparent and improve the FOIA process.

Paradigm upgrades Archives emergency plans software

Paradigm Holdings Inc. will provide continuity of operations and emergency management software support for the National Archives and Records Administration under a $1.3 million contract.

NARA weighs standardizing access rules for foreign vendors seeking secret data

A NARA office wants to establish a standardized process through which some highly sensitive data could be released under special agreement to foreign-owned or controlled contractors.