White House has a new wiki; NARA, SSA start social media projects

Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra said a new wiki for the ExpertNet project was created as a model for public participation.

SSA has set up a Web page that asks for input from the public on its new strategic plan for 2011 through 2016. The details are

The White House set up a new wiki to get public feedback on the ExpertNet project, and the National Archives and Records Administration and Social Security Administration also announced new social media projects online.

Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra started the wiki to get public input through Jan. 7 on the General Services Administration’s ExpertNet draft design concept project.

According to the ExpertNet proposal, the goal is to enable government officials to easily search for and communicate with people who have expertise on a topic. GSA is looking for information on what software tools and processes to use.

“Why a Wiki?” Chopra asked, going on to explain in the "White House Blog" Dec. 8 that the wiki was adopted “in the spirit of innovation” as a new model for consultation.

Chopra said the White House wants:

  • Suggestions on improving the ExpertNet design concept.
  • Advice on legal, policy and technical issues.
  • Information on software tools that can perform the ExpertNet processes.
  • Pointers to public or private organizations that have similar programs in place.

Meanwhile, NARA is sponsoring what appears to be one of the first federal Twitter-based competitions. The goal is to recast each of the sections of the Bill of Rights as its own tweet. Read about it here.