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Tara Franzonello

Tara Franzonello is GSA Programs Consultant with immixGroup, an Arrow company. She can be reached at

Selling cyber means understanding FITARA

Updates to FITARA metrics now include agency performance in critical cyber needs, a change that should influence your cyber solution strategy.


Ascend BPA promises an easier path for cloud acquisitions

Cloud service providers and others should track the General Services Administration's work on developing the Ascend blanket purchase agreement. Here are some critical elements to watch for.


Modernizing the modernization tool: Changes are coming for FITARA

A new version of FITARA will come this summer, so vendors need to line up their solutions with the new cyber requirements customers will face.


What you need to know about changes to FITARA

Changes to the FITARA scorecard will affect industry and agencies alike. Here's what you need to know and how to prepare.


Why you should care about GSA's verified products portal

GSA has begun work on a verified products portal and even if you don't plan to participate you should pay attention because it still might impact your business.


What the consumption-based cloud model means to you

As GSA moves to apply more commercial best practices to buying cloud services, you must understand the model and the funding available to your customers.