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Russell Smith

Russell Smith is president of Organizational Communications Inc., a Washington D.C. area proposal consulting firm. He can be reached at

Break barriers between marketing, BD, capture and proposal groups to maximize your profits

Too often marketing, BD, capture and proposal groups operate in silos, often with disastrous results. Here's how you can get them to work together.


How to thrive under the Biden administration

Usually opportunities are delay when a new administration takes office but this isn't a typical transition so contractors mush move quickly and prove their long term-value to show new agency leaders that they are the right partner to get the job done.


Why you need to cultivate your customers now

COVID-19 has slowed government contracting but that also means that you need to be cultivating those customer relationships now.


How the post-sequestration market is changing your business

A survey of large, small and mid-size business shows that many companies are changing how they build solutions and how they do business development. What steps are they taking?