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Natalie Alms is a staff writer at FCW covering the federal workforce. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and has written for the Salisbury (N.C.) Post. Connect with Natalie on Twitter at @AlmsNatalie.

Supreme Court hearing turns to the contractor mandate

Chief Justice John Roberts invoked the federal contractor mandate – currently blocked from taking effect due to a lawsuit – at a hearing at which two separate vaccine authority cases were argued on Friday.

White House releases 'vision' for president's management agenda

The coming president's management agenda will stress the federal workforce, customer service user experience and equity as well as a push to build capacity in financial management and improve acquisition.

White House extends vaccine deadline for contractors

Federal contractors have until Jan. 4, 2022, to comply now that the White House has extended the deadline into early next year.

Details on discipline emerge as contractor vaccination deadline looms

Federal contractors will decide for themselves on how to manage employees who decline COVID-19 vaccinations but agencies can restrict unvaccinated workers from federal facilities.

How GSA is implementing the contractor vaccination mandate

The agency is using robotics process automation to send out contract changes to contractors covered by the White House's vaccination requirements.

OPM looks to modernize IT, set up revolving fund

In a report to Congress, the Office of Personnel Management said it largely agreed with a set of recommendations from the National Academy of Public Administration about the future of the HR agency and that it should prioritize spending around IT modernization.

Biden mandates COVID vaccine for feds, contractors

The vaccine mandate will supplant administration workforce policy put in place in July that requires either vaccinations or regular testing for federal employees and contractors.

House infrastructure bill includes over $3 billion for federal tech

Under an amendment from Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the Technology Modernization Fund could see another $1 billion in capitalization.

Was DOD ready for telework in 2020?

Slow networks, a lack of management buy-in and the need for more government equipment all affected how Defense Department civilians transitioned to telework at the start of the pandemic, new reports from DOD's inspector general found.

Workforce panel explains new COVID testing requirements

Agencies can't assign employees to remote or telework based solely on their vaccination status, the guidance says.

Biden tells civilian feds, contractors to get vaccinated or take regular COVID tests

The Biden-Harris administration has rolled out new COVID-19 guidelines for federal employees and contractors as part of an overall strategy to increase the U.S. vaccination rate.

A small federal office is at the heart of Biden's equity agenda

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance at the Department of Labor may not be a household name but it plays a large role in conducting oversight of government contracts.

Biden's first budget ups cyber and tech spending; gives feds a 2.7% pay raise

The Biden administration released its $6 trillion fiscal year 2022 budget proposal on Friday, including $1.5 trillion in discretionary spending across federal agencies.

OPM digs into the post-pandemic puzzle of remote work and locality pay

An Office of Personnel Management official said last week that the office is looking into pay administration rules in terms of remote work as part of broader efforts to provide guidance for the long-term future of a more dispersed federal workforce.

OMB orders agencies to stop enforcing Trump's diversity training purge

A recent OMB memo tells agencies to remove contracting clauses related to Trump's diversity training executive order.

Biden creates governmentwide 'equity agenda'

The OMB director and the head of the Domestic Policy Council will play key roles in implementing the objectives of a new executive order, which eliminates a Trump-era purge of diversity training materials and includes the creation of a new data working group .

White House names GSA senior leaders

The Biden-Harris administration tapped former officials to senior slots at the General Services Administration, but the nomination of an administrator is still to come.

DOD does away with diversity training modification for contractors

The Pentagon eliminated a class deviation that implemented the president's executive order purging diversity training across federal grants and contracts.

Judge halts enforcement of diversity training crackdown on contractors

A nationwide injunction blocks sections of the order that apply to contractors and grant recipients, including a hotline created for employees to report training materials.

Thrift Board taps Accenture for consolidated records contract

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board plans to roll out new features to plan participants, including electronic signatures.