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James Fontana

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You are never too small to draw DOJ's ire

When small businesses make the mistake of thinking the Justice Department won't pay attention to them, they can pay dearly.


Contractors wait for more clarification in wake of Supreme Court's vaccine mandate decision

Supreme Court vaccine mandate decision doesn't apply to requirements on government contractors but there are still plenty of gray areas.


Court challenges don't mean you should ignore vaccine mandates

While opponents have scored some early victories against the Biden Administration's vaccine mandates for contractors, the GovCon community can't ignore the controversial mandates.


Are you ready for another government shutdown?

If a government shutdown occurs this week or any time in the future, there will be ramifications for government contractors, which means that contractors, like the agencies they contract with, should have their own shutdown contingency plan


Myth-busting teaming agreements

There are plenty of misconceptions about what makes a teaming agreement enforceable and what doesn't. Here's a guide to some of the common problems with teaming agreements.


The return to work raises critical questions

As COVID cases fall and vaccinations increase, doors to normal life are opening, but questions remain on what employers and agency customers can demand when it comes to getting workers vaccinated.


SBA's mentor-protege sees some welcome changes and one not so welcome change

Attorney James Fontana explains some of the positive changes to the mentor-protege program coming out of SBA, plus one that's not so great and makes him question whether any of the changes are worth making.


Renewal of CARES Act Section 3610 faces tough road

Few argue that an extension of section 3610 of the CARES Act isn't needed but getting there is a whole other story.


The big surprise inside GSA's STARS II modification

No one blinked when GSA said it was expanding the ceiling of the 8(a) STARS II contract vehicle but they caught many companies by surprise when they snuck in a clause cut the length of the contract by two years.

Will COVID-19 trigger 'act of God' contract provisions?

Now is the time for subcontractors to review the obscure contract provision better known as the "force majeure" clause.


Contractors face contradictions among COVID-19 guidance

Contradictions in provisions of the CARES Act and existing laws and regulations has created a conundrum for contractors trying to stay in compliance.


What COVID-19 contracting guidance tells us and what we still need to know

In his latest commentary, attorney James Fontana explains what the growing number of agency contract guidance are saying and what else the market needs to know.


DOD COVID-19 guidance answers some questions but creates others

The Defense Department has issued 17 guidance documents to help clarify acquisition provisions in the CARES Act. Some have answered questions but others have spurred more questions. Read attorney James Fontana's analysis.


CARES Act and the impact on contracting costs

The newly minted CARES Act has plenty that will impact government contractors and one area to pay attention to is how allowable costs will be handled.


Legal update on coronavirus impact

Government contractors find themselves stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place as agencies are slow to issue guidance to allow more worker flexibility in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contracts, the law and coronavirus

In this commentary, attorney James Fontana explores the legal issues around the coronavirus and the questions contractors need to consider as they navigate the days and weeks ahead.