Potential debt limit fallout paints bleak picture for feds, contractors

If Congress fails to raise the government's debt limit before the Aug. 2 deadline, the federal government would face an unprecedented situation and federal employees are bound to be affected.

Big A turns big guns on CityTime fraud officials

Investigators probing the massive, fraud-ridden New York City CityTime payroll system involving SAIC are widening their focus to staffers within Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration, according to a NYC tabloid.

Union puts bull's-eye on contractor pay

Amid proposals to cut federal salaries and freeze hiring, a union wants Congress to target contractors too.

Why do you work for the government?

If you're in a job where you could be earning more in the private sector, why do you continue to work for the government?

Can agencies pay enough to attract top IT talent?

In the various debates about outsourcing, insourcing and federal pay, one issue almost always comes up: The tough competition for IT talent.

Stay updated during the shutdown

FCW will continue delivering timely information to our readers, even if the government shuts down.

What your customers face if the shutdown comes

Although President Barack Obama has repeatedly denounced a government shutdown in recent weeks, officials in his administration say they are cognizant that funding for the government expires April 8 and contingency plans are being prepared.

DOD's shutdown plan for military, civilians detailed in guidance

In the face of a federal shutdown, the Defense Department has outlined a contingency plan in a draft memo.

Contractors should brace for a government shutdown

As concerns grow that a government shutdown is inevitable, contractors need to prepare for the worst. Are you ready?

Federal furloughs: Would you check e-mail? Would you have a choice?

Some feds say is not realistic to expect them to lose ten working days out of the year.

DOE holds unique power to freeze contractor pay

The Energy Department can halt salary increases and bonuses for department contractors who manage day-to-day operations at certain agency sites because of a special arrangement with those contractors.

Contractors get pay freeze at Energy Department

About 75,000 contractors will feel the pinch as the Energy Department freezes salary increases and bonuses for department contractors who manage day-to-day operations at certain agency sites, including national laboratories.

Are feds ho-hum about pay freeze?

Several employees from the General Services Administration didn't really complain about losing out on plenty of money over the next two years.

Pay freeze: How $2B + 1 decade = $60B

Jeffrey Zients, federal chief performance officer, explains the math behind President Barack Obama's projected $60 billion in savings with a two-year freeze on federal salaries.

Federal vs. corporate pay scales: A cartoonist tries to sort it all out

In the end, FCW cartoonist John Klossner can't sort out the economics of federal and private sector salaries, but that doesn't hold him back.

CGI continues IT support for Marines’ manpower branch

CGI Federal Inc. will provide information technology services to the Marine Corps under a five-year, $11 million contract.

Contractors behaving badly: Report exposes labor law violations by IT vendors

Government Accountability Office auditors find that half of the 50 largest assessments handed out by the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division between fiscal 2005 and 2009 were charged to 20 federal contractors.