Cyber will be larger part of future defense budgets, key senator says

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said cyber will continue to be a budget priority as it becomes "critical" on the battlefield.

Lawmakers worry about cyber risks in space

Senators questioned the commanders of Space Command and Strategic Command on their plans to handle an increase in space-based threats.

Supply chain issues take center stage for government contractors

The supply chain is about much more than products as that complex web of factors also includes software, security, people, partners and processes. Those factors are crucial to business success.

New CMMC training to align with certification changes

Look for trainers working on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program to realign their efforts to support recent changes to the certification process in 2022.

PROJECT 38: As Justice Department scrutiny looms, here's a roadmap for contractors to get their cyber houses in order

With the Justice Department planning to ramp up cyber enforcement of government contractors, what should companies be doing? Attorneys Susan Cassidy and Ashden Fein of Covington explain to our Ross Wilkers what the roadmap should be in this episode of Project 38.

PROJECT 38: What to do now that operational tech is a cyber target too

Information technology has long been both an enabler of and disruption to business operations, but what of the world of operational technology that controls industrial equipment and processes? In this episode of Project 38, Forescout public sector executive Tim Jones takes our Ross Wilkers through the intersection of cyber and OT.

House reconciliation bill includes nearly $800 million for CISA

The funding supports the implementation of President Joe Biden's May executive order on cybersecurity and workforce development.

Biden's pick to lead GSA: 'We can't implement government policy if we can't get the damn websites to work'

Robin Carnahan said she will focus on making General Services Administration's offerings more user friendly and digitally secure while improving governmentwide cybersecurity efforts.

Biden picks campaign veteran for federal CISO job

Chris DeRusha, who led information security on the Biden campaign, is the federal government's new chief information security officer.

New partnership forms around automated cyber risk analysis

Acquired Data Solutions and KDM Analytics formed a partnership to offer an automated cyber risk analysis and measurement product to federal agencies and IT equipment providers.

Cyber firm ready for next step with new backing

Cyber firm RunSafe is entering the next phase of its strategy to offer software that works to immunize affected resources and leave the rest alone. The company now has the backing of Lockheed Martin's venture arm to help in that journey.

How companies should prep for CMMC

Defense contractors should be getting ready for the Defense Department's impending cybersecurity standard expected to be released this month.

New cyber guidelines out for government contractors

Government contractors are under constant cyber attacks and now NIST has new requirements for contractors.

DHS to hold cyber-focused industry day

The Department of Homeland Security will hold an event Aug. 16 in Arlington, Va., to engage with "large and small companies interested in cybersecurity contracting."

IRS wants cloud-based AI to sniff out insider threats

The tax agency is looking for a cloud-based, artificially intelligent analytical platform that can identify and mitigate cyber and insider threats within the agency.

Raytheon forms cyber partnership with Virsec

Raytheon forms an alliance with Silicon Valley-based commercial cyber company Virsec to bring new network defense products to global government and critical infrastructure entities.

Forcepoint eyes human factor for global government cyber growth

The Raytheon-backed Forcepoint venture focuses on defending the people in cybersecurity and sees that as its angle to expand in global government markets.