Forcepoint eyes human factor for global government cyber growth

The Raytheon-backed Forcepoint venture focuses on defending the people in cybersecurity and sees that as its angle to expand in global government markets.

Cybercom getting promotion to full combatant command

Cyber Command is getting a long-planned elevation in status to full combatant command on par with other unified and functional commands.

CSRA forms cyber alliance with ScienceLogic

CSRA forms a new alliance with hybrid IT security company ScienceLogic that focuses on cyber in light of President Trump's May executive order on cybersecurity.

Leidos, Cray forge security product alliance

Leidos and supercomputer maker Cray team up to offer security products in the federal and commercial markets.

Bill proposed to let companies 'hack back'

A newly-proposed bill in Congress seeks to let companies go on the offensive if they suffer a network breach or intrusion.

DXC wins potential $150M GSA ID credential management contract

The recently-launched DXC Technology wins a potential 10-year, $150 million contract to manage identity credentials for GSA.

Wall Street eyes cyber stocks in wake of Wannacry attack

Investors snap up shares in cybersecurity stocks including those in the government market as world deals with aftermath of worldwide ransomware attack known as Wannacry

Fortinet unveils new federal arm

Global cyber company Fortinet starts a new standalone subsidiary with its own board of directors to focus on the federal government marketplace.

Trump puts pen to cyber order

President Trump has signed the much-anticipated executive order on cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure.

Leidos, Fortinet form managed security services team

Leidos has partnered with Silicon Valley's Fortinet to bring managed security services into federal and commercial markets.

DARPA calls for bids in hardware security program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants industry ideas on how to make hardware design tools with inherent, built-in security.

Crossmatch gets IARPA biometrics defense contract

Crossmatch wins a $5.8 million contract to develop technologies for a Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency-run biometric identification program

DARPA taps BAE for power grid security program

BAE Systems and DARPA will collaborate to develop networks for use in case the U.S. electric grid suffers a cyber disruption.

Coalfire acquisition tracks with Veris Group's founding principles

Veris Group founders David Svec and Douglas Greise created a company with a focus on cyber consulting and related services and its acquisition by Coalfire Group continues that vision.

The move beyond bombs and bullets

Raytheon's contract win to bring cyber and electronic warfare into the same wargames as missiles and other kinetic weapons is the latest sign that these emerging domains are going mainstream.


5 steps for contractors to meet the FAR's cyber requirements

Cybersecurity requirements in the FAR mean that contractors must be adjusting processes and policies and it all starts with training employees and then following up. Here are five steps you must take.


2017 to be critical year for cyber preparedness regulations

Cybersecurity initiatives from OMB, the SEC and other federal agencies are coming to bear this year and contractors need to be proactive about preparing.

What will cyber policy look like during Trump's first 100 days?

A former Pentagon official said the incoming administration must retain a focus on improving cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.

Successful cybersecurity takes an all-hands-on-deck effort

With cybersecurity talent in short supply, academia, industry and government must work together to cultivate a cybersecurity interest in today's youth.

Senator puts private-public info sharing at center of cyber debate

For cybersecurity policies to move forward and be effective the confidence in public-private info sharing needs to increase, U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin says.