2021 M&A Round Up

190 deals that are reshaping the market

We've gathered all the closed mergers and acquisitions that were completed in calendar 2021 so you can track the dealmakers and what and why they are buying.

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/5/2021 Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC Trident Assured Collaboration Systems of Trident Systems Incorporated N/A
1/6/2021 LinQuest TMC Design N/A
1/6/2021 Sagewind Capital Sigma Defense Systems N/A
1/7/2021 Axiologic Solutions Knowledge Link N/A
1/11/2021 SMX Datastrong N/A
1/12/2021 Systems High Corp. Technical, Engineering, Advisory, and Management Support ("TEAMS") business of Booz Allen Hamilton N/A
1/14/2021 LEIDOS 1901 Group $215
1/14/2021 VTG Defense Intelligence Shift N/A
1/15/2021 Bogart Associates Pathoras Corp. N/A
1/19/2021 Quiet Professionals LLC Echo Analytics Group, LLC N/A
1/20/2021 Tracker Capital Management LLC Presage Security N/A
1/21/2021 Criterion Systems Realm Consulting, Inc. N/A
1/25/2021 BlackHorse Solutions Emerett N/A
1/25/2021 DELOITTE Root9B N/A
1/28/2021 AE Industrial Partners UAV Factory N/A
1/29/2021 Applied Insight Bridges Consulting N/A
1/30/2021 McKean Defense Mikros Systems N/A
2/1/2021 Continental Mapping Consultants Geographic Information Services Inc. N/A
2/1/2021 IntelliGenesis CybatiWorks N/A
2/1/2021 The Carlyle Group IST Research N/A
2/1/2021 The Carlyle Group Two Six Labs N/A
2/2/2021 Intellibridge Alethix N/A
2/3/2021 PERATON INC. Federal IT and Mission Support Services Business of Northrop Grumman $3,400
2/4/2021 The Proximas Group ADG Creative, LLC, a division of Chenega Corp. N/A
2/10/2021 QuantiTech Millennium Engineering and Integration Company N/A
2/22/2021 AeroVironment Inc. Arcturus UAV Inc. $405
2/22/2021 Koniag Inc. Great Northern Engineering, LLC N/A
2/24/2021 IDS International GovSource N/A
2/24/2021 IDS International DECO N/A
2/26/2021 AeroVironment Inc. Intelligent Systems Group Business of Progeny Systems $36
3/1/2021 MAXIMUS INC. Attain Federal Division $430
3/2/2021 AE Industrial Partners The Ambit Group N/A
3/2/2021 Ambit Group GreenZone Solutions N/A
3/23/2021 KAPCO Defense Systems Engineering Associates Corp. N/A
3/24/2021 MSD Partners Woolpert, Inc. N/A
4/1/2021 Anduril Industries Area-I N/A
4/1/2021 General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research Inc. N/A
4/2/2021 Business Integra Technology Solutions Aquila Technology Corp. N/A
4/2/2021 Tyto Athene Government Solutions Business of AT&T N/A
4/3/2021 Motion Recruitment The Goal N/A
4/6/2021 Ensco Exostrategies N/A
4/7/2021 LEIDOS Gibbs & Cox $377
4/18/2021 Codan Communications Domo Tactical Communications N/A
4/20/2021 Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney CIS Secure Computing N/A
4/21/2021 AMDEX Avar Consulting N/A
4/21/2021 Unison PRICE Systems N/A
4/22/2021 Gunnison Consulting Group Information Innovators LLC N/A
4/22/2021 Tyler Technologies NIC Inc. $2,300
4/27/2021 SERCO INC. Whitney, Bradley & Brown $295
4/28/2021 CGI Inc. Sense Corp. N/A
4/30/2021 NOBLIS INC. McKean Defense N/A
5/6/2021 Forcepoint Cyberinc N/A
5/7/2021 PERATON INC. Perspecta $7,100
5/11/2021 Brightstar Capital Partners Engineering Research and Consulting N/A
5/13/2021 SMX C2S Consulting Group N/A
5/14/2021 Teledyne Technologies FLIR Systems $8,200
5/17/2021 Ansys Phoenix Integration, Inc. N/A
5/25/2021 Bluestone Investment Partners Chesapeake Technology International N/A
5/25/2021 TETRA TECH, INC. Kaizen Company N/A
5/25/2021 Veritas Capital and Evergreen Coast Capital Cubic $3,000
5/26/2021 GCOM Software LLC Qlarion N/A
5/27/2021 Belcan Federal VICTOR42 N/A
6/1/2021 Cerebus Capital Management Red River Technology N/A
6/1/2021 MAXIMUS INC. Veterans Evaluation Services $1,400
6/1/2021 Sentient Digital RDA Inc. N/A
6/2/2021 Versar Inc. BayFirst Solutions N/A
6/3/2021 Chemring Group Cubica Group N/A
6/8/2021 System One Quadel Consulting and Training N/A
6/10/2021 JHNA Technology Security Associates N/A
6/10/2021 Valkyrie Enterprises, Inc. Rolands & Associates Corp. N/A
6/14/2021 BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON Liberty IT Solutions $725
6/17/2021 Granicus Inc. Bang the Table Pty Ltd N/A
6/17/2021 Granicus Inc. OpenCities Pty Ltd N/A
7/1/2021 Client Solution Architects Capstone LLC N/A
7/1/2021 Valiant Integrated Services Alliance Technical Services N/A
7/2/2021 SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. Halfaker and Associates $250
7/6/2021 BlueHalo Design & Development Engineering Services N/A
7/6/2021 CAE Inc. Military Training Business of L3Harris Technologies $1,050
7/6/2021 PARSONS CORP, BlackHorse Solutions $203
7/13/2021 Command Holdings CeLeen LLC N/A
7/13/2021 Command Holdings Quattro Consulting N/A
7/13/2021 Octo Consulting Volant Associates N/A
7/15/2021 Avantus Federal Occam's Razor Technologies N/A
7/15/2021 ID Technologies LLC Attila Security N/A
7/15/2021 Intrepid Solutions Darkblade Systems N/A
7/16/2021 ASGN Inc. Indrasoft N/A
7/22/2021 Planned Systems International ProSphere Tek N/A
7/26/2021 DELOITTE Sentek Global N/A
7/27/2021 LMI Consulting Suntiva N/A
7/30/2021 AVIAN Inc. redUAS N/A
7/30/2021 PARSONS CORP, Echo Ridge $9
7/30/2021 Shield AI Martin UAV N/A
8/2/2021 Broadtree Partners Sayres and Associates N/A
8/3/2021 Intellibridge U.Group N/A
8/5/2021 Castellum Inc. Merrison Technologies N/A
8/5/2021 Counter Threat Solutions Quantitative Analytics N/A
8/9/2021 ASGN Inc. Enterprise Resource Performance Inc. N/A
8/9/2021 GovOS MUNIRevs | LODGINGRevs N/A
8/11/2021 DC Capital Partners SiOnyx N/A
8/13/2021 KBR INC. Frazer - Nash Consultancy $405
8/16/2021 Castellum Inc. Specialty Systems N/A
8/17/2021 NavSight Holdings Inc. Spire Global, Inc. $1,230
8/17/2021 Vetegrity DB2 Inc. N/A
8/18/2021 GovCIO Salient CRGT N/A
8/18/2021 Sedulous Consulting Services Infinity Support Services N/A
8/19/2021 ACCENTURE FEDERAL SERVICES Novetta Solutions N/A
8/19/2021 HII, (formerly Huntington Ingalls Industries) Alion Science and Technology $1,650
8/24/2021 Customer Value Partners Atlas Research N/A
8/24/2021 Two Six Technologies Trusted Concepts N/A
8/25/2021 InVeris Training Solutions SURVIVR N/A
8/25/2021 VTG Defense ASSETT Inc. N/A
8/26/2021 Arlington Capital Partners MCR N/A
8/26/2021 Granicus Inc. WebQA, Inc. N/A
9/2/2021 Chickasaw Nation Industries DIGITALiBiz, Inc. N/A
9/8/2021 Document Storage Systems SBG Technology Solutions N/A
9/9/2021 Bluestone Investment Partners cBEYONData N/A
9/9/2021 Contegix Ascend Integrated N/A
9/13/2021 BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON Tracepoint, LLC N/A
9/14/2021 UAV Factory Jennings Aeronautics N/A
9/15/2021 Sagewind Capital Federal Advisory Partners N/A
9/16/2021 Neural Investments, Island Empire Community Development DIGITALSPEC N/A
9/17/2021 BlueHalo Intelligent Automation N/A
9/20/2021 Allied Universal Security Services MSA Security, Inc. N/A
9/20/2021 Oakleaf Software DPRA N/A
9/21/2021 CI Capital Partners The Cadmus Group N/A
9/21/2021 Criterion Systems Protas Solutions N/A
9/22/2021 PERATON INC. As-a-Service Solutions Segment of ViON N/A
9/22/2021 Sedgwick Managed Care Advisors N/A
9/27/2021 Tyto Athene Qbase N/A
9/28/2021 Anduril Industries Copious Imaging N/A
9/28/2021 Criterion Systems Sage Black Consulting & Contracting N/A
9/30/2021 Artlin Consulting LLC Sehlke Consulting, LLC N/A
9/30/2021 CACI INTERNATIONAL Bluestone Analytics $120.3
10/1/2021 Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Colorado Engineering N/A
10/1/2021 CGI Inc. Array Holding Co. N/A
10/1/2021 Equifax, Inc. Appriss Insights N/A
10/5/2021 Chainalysis Excygent N/A
10/5/2021 MasterPeace Solutions Full Suite Solutions N/A
10/5/2021 Valor Healthcare, Inc. CRAssociates, Inc. N/A
10/12/2021 Anser Advisory Markon Solutions N/A
10/12/2021 Cerebus Capital Management NetCentrics N/A
10/13/2021 Comcast Defined Technologies N/A
10/18/2021 GUIDEHOUSE LLP Dovel Technologies N/A
10/18/2021 Keysight Technologies, Inc. SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. N/A
10/26/2021 OceanSound Partners Digital Management Holdings LLC N/A
10/26/2021 Sev1Tech Geocent LLC N/A
10/28/2021 BlueVoyant 202 Group LLC N/A
10/29/2021 Arlington Capital Partners Systems Planning and Analysis N/A
11/1/2021 AE Industrial Partners Fire Team Solutions N/A
11/1/2021 Macquarie Capital Procentrix N/A
11/8/2021 BlueHalo Citadel Defense Company N/A
11/8/2021 Gemspring Capital AINS, Inc. N/A
11/9/2021 AVIAN Inc. Level Up N/A
11/11/2021 The Carlyle Group IMIA Group Holdings N/A
11/12/2021 Network Innovations, Inc. Knight Sky LLC N/A
11/15/2021 Advanced Mission Solutions Innovative Management & Technology Services N/A
11/16/2021 Buchanan & Edwards RenXTech N/A
11/17/2021 Castellum Inc. Pax River Business of The Albers Group N/A
11/22/2021 Godspeed Capital Management Ascent Engineering Group N/A
11/23/2021 BlueHalo Asymmetrik N/A
11/29/2021 CHEROKEE NATION BUSINESSES LLC Preting Consulting N/A
11/29/2021 RTX SEAKR Engineering N/A
11/30/2021 Veritas Capital SES Business of Peraton N/A
12/1/2021 Capgemini VariQ N/A
12/2/2021 Acclaim Technical Services Entegra Solutions N/A
12/4/2021 Washington Harbour Partners Telesto Group N/A
12/6/2021 CDW-G Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. $2,500
12/7/2021 Vertex Aerospace Defense Training and Mission Critical Solutions Business Lines of Raytheon Technologies N/A
12/8/2021 SEACORP Analysis, Design & Diagnostics N/A
12/8/2021 Systems Planning and Analysis Arena Technologies N/A
12/8/2021 Torch.AI The DataTech Group N/A
12/10/2021 MANTECH INTERNATIONAL Gryphon Technologies $350
12/14/2021 Information Analysis Inc. Gray Matters, Inc. $15
12/16/2021 Analytical Services Inc. InTec LLC N/A
12/16/2021 CACI INTERNATIONAL SA Photonics N/A
12/16/2021 Godspeed Capital Management Varen Technologies N/A
12/17/2021 The Carlyle Group CNSI N/A
12/20/2021 Galway Holdings Simatree N/A
12/21/2021 Aeronix ITI Engineering N/A
12/28/2021 Teleperformance Senture $400
12/29/2021 Federal Advisory Partners Favor TechConsulting N/A
12/30/2021 Washington Harbour Partners Collabralink Technologies N/A
12/31/2021 ICF INTERNATIONAL Creative Systems and Consulting $160
12/31/2021 ICF INTERNATIONAL Enterprise Science and Computing N/A
1/4/2022 QuantiTech Systems Engineering Group Business of Telephonics N/A
4/8/2022 McNally Capital Orbis Operations N/A
5/19/2022 ThayerMahan Wingman Defense N/A