PROJECT 38: Inside Peraton Labs' applied research focus

Thanks to the acquisition of two other large companies, Peraton has gone through a transformation that includes the addition of an applied research organization with roots to Bell Labs. Hear how the newly branded Peraton Labs has evolved and where its technology focus is today in this Project 38 episode featuring the group's president Petros Mouchtaris.

Peraton’s transformation into a $7 billion-annual revenue business by integrating three big pieces -- itself, Northrop Grumman’s IT services business and Perspecta -- includes an applied research organization that can claim lineage to Bell Labs.

In this episode of Project 38, Peraton Labs President Petros Mouchtaris speaks with our Ross Wilkers about the three-decade history of the team he leads and how fits within the parent company.

Getting a head start on the federal government’s hardest problems is a paramount focus for Peraton Labs and this conversation goes over three big areas: cybersecurity, 5G and networks, and everything under the umbrella of automation including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mouchtaris also explains how Peraton Labs works on this existential idea: figuring out how with a little customization and refactoring, federal agencies can use many of the same technologies that the commercial sectors do.

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