PROJECT 38: Microsoft's federal focus and the importance of mission resiliency

As president of Microsoft's U.S. regulated industries, Toni Townes-Whitley looks across the legacy of the software giant as well as its future. She shares that vision with Editor Nick Wakeman as they talk major contract wins, social justice, emerging technology and mission resiliency.

From her perch as president of Microsoft’s U.S. regulated industries group, Toni Townes-Whitley looks across both the legacy of the software giant as well as its future. In this episode of Project 38, she speaks with Editor Nick Wakeman about what that future entails and how it is reflected in major wins such as the CIA’s Commercial Cloud Enterprise contract.

Whitley also talks about social justice, the incoming Biden administration and how computing at the edge will be a game changer across the public sector.

An overarching theme of the discussion with Whitley is the importance of mission resiliency, something the ongoing pandemic has been teaching the entire marketplace.

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