How company habits could be costing you millions

Uncover the hidden costs of poor customer engagement and why training your entire organization to build relationships, uncover needs, and spark innovation is no longer optional.

How keeping a stake in divested businesses can pay off

Zack Hester of Bluestone Investment Partners says that companies can have their cake and eat it too by keeping some equity in businesses they find another owner for.

How much is too much to ask for in the OASIS+ solicitation?

One protester says the General Services Administration is going too far in wanting all the details that roll into a fixed-price proposal if the items are commercially-available from the start.

Why annual reviews are critical for small and mid-tier contractors

To find a clear path to growth, companies need to leverage an annual review process to align their goals with their core capabilities.

Why model-based systems engineering is about more than just compliance

Known as MBSE, model-based systems engineering offers a way to standardize IT systems while increasing cyber resiliency.

Are we 30 days from a government shutdown?

Crunch time on the budget is pretty much here, but there are positive signs that Congress could pass a short-term budget agreement. All the pressure is on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

What do the Top 100 company slogans say about the market?

An analysis of the words companies use to describe themselves show how they can evoke an emotional response while telling a story of corporate capabilities.

Court ruling likely to curtail 8(a) fourth quarter spend

Federal spending on 8(a) contracts typically surges during the fourth quarter, but new court-imposed requirements to qualify those small businesses will likely procurements and scare off agency buyers.

Think you don't have to worry about supply chain resilience yet? Think again.

Across the analyst and policy community, there is a widespread belief that U.S. defense supply chains are not resilient enough and that raises fears of national security risks.

M&A activity remains strong despite challenges

Multiple factors continue to drive mergers and acquisitions despite tighter credit, inflation pressures and delays in new contract awards.

Judge says SBA needs to rethink 8(a) program

A federal judge says a company was discriminated against when the Agriculture Department and Small Business Administration made its contract an 8(a) set-aside. The result will mean major changes to the program.

It's never too late for the most important fiscal year-end sales tip

Making a good first impression means leveraging your LinkedIn profile to build your network, no matter what time of year it is.

Investing in your leaders is a win for your people and your business

General Dynamics IT's president Amy Gilliland shares how the people side of the business has changed and why it is crucial to support your people managers if you want to sustain success in the market.

New CIO-SP4 case adds more delays

This latest lawsuit raises questions about how the agency running this $50 billion government-wide IT procurement interprets evaluation rules around different types of contracts.

NATO creates $1.1B investment fund to target tech startups

The intergovernmental military alliance that connects Europe and North America also wants a big net to find and work with innovative companies, following a model already in use by the U.S. government.

What a 'whole of government' approach means for cybersecurity

The money flowing to state and local governments is influencing these entities to adopt new ways to manage their IT. It's starting with cyber but it won't end there.

Fraud prevention demands a multi-layer response

Data sharing is a key element to combat multi-billion dollar losses.