DHS updates $8.4B PACTS III solicitation


The amendments seek to address complaints about how the Homeland Security Department would evaluate performance for this professional services contract.

The Homeland Security Department is updating the solicitation for its PACTS III contract that is under protest.

DHS issued a series of amendments Monday in an effort to address some concerns raised in the protests from multiple companies over this professional services contract vehicle.

The protesters have challenged DHS’ evaluation methodology for past performance and how the past performance counts for small business set-asides and joint ventures. Four companies have filed protests to the Government Accountability Office.

PACTS III is a small business set-aside contract with an $8.4 billion ceiling over up to 10 years. The acronym stands for Program Management, Administrative, Clerical, and Technical Services.

DHS will now allow companies to submit non-federal projects and projects performed as first-tier subcontractors, according to the amendments. The department also provided further detail on how it wants bidders to include NAICS and Product Service Codes.

A second item DHS sought to clear up is the meaning of “at the time of,” as it relates to accounting systems and acceptable facility clearances.

With the changes, DHS is giving bidders the opportunity to update their proposals. But updates are not required.

If a bidder wants to keep its proposal as is, it must inform DHS by May 21. Revised proposals also are due by that same date.

The amendments were published May 8 and the protests at GAO are still open as of this article's publication.

GAO will likely need several days to decide whether to dismiss the protests after it determines whether the amendments adequately address the issues raised in the protests.

We will post an update if the protests are dismissed.

PACTS III has three functional categories: administrative and management consulting services in the first, office administrative services in the second, and engineering services for number three. Each functional area has its own solicitation number.