Space Force seeks next-gen satellite monitoring system Yuichiro Chino

The service branch wants to work with civilian and commercial satellite providers to create a space-based global environmental monitoring system.

Space Force is developing a contract to field a new system for improving how it monitors space-based environmental activity.

Virtual industry days are planned for May 7 followed by one-on-one sessions May 18-20, according to a request for information posted on

The service branch's Space Systems Command wants to build an integrated network of satellites that includes military, civilian, international and commercial partners that will deliver real-time global environmental monitoring and data.

The goals are enhanced situation awareness, better resource management, and better decision making for military and civilian sectors.

SSC is working with the SpaceWERX accelerator to identify small businesses with innovative technologies. SSC also wants input from industry about future generations of space-based environmental monitoring capabilities.

SpaceWERX has issued a related solicitation that you can find here.

Some of the information that Space Systems Command is looking for in responses covers sensing and analytics, testing and flight heritage, and scalability.

Reponses should be limited to seven-pages and are due May 29.