Arcfield defends Air Force cross-domain IT contract Yuichiro Chino

The company will continue supporting the Air Force Research Laboratory's efforts to make the movement of information easier and more secure.

Arcfield has won a new $93 million contract to support the Air Force Research Laboratory’s work on cross-domain solutions and related technologies.

The win represents a successful recompete for Arcfield. The new five-year contract is called the X-Domain Technology Through Research, Evolution, Enhancement, Maintenance and Support – Next Generation. Or simply, XTREEMS-NG.

Under the program, Arcfield will support the Air Force Research Lab’s Information Support Server Environment, the ISSE; and the X-domain Agile Rules-Based Information Transfer OrchestratorR, the X-ARBITOR.

Both programs focus on the movement of information between networks operating at different classification levels. The networks can stretch across the Defense Department, intelligence community and their mission partners.

The work also focuses on evolving cyber threats.

Arcfield has supported the Air Force Research Laboratory since 2001.