State Department developing contract for Colombia's police force Teera Konakan

The new system will analyze export data as a way of tracking criminal activity.

The State Department is developing a contract for Colombia's police force to leverage export data that can help analysts track criminal activity.

A new sources sought notice kicks off the market research phase of the contract as the agency explores whether a small business can handle the work.

State describes development of six modules for the export control management system. The modules will cover inspection reports at ports, airports and air operations. It will also correlate data and events related to crimes.

The notice specifically asks whether a small business in any of the set-aside categories have the capabilities to take on the work.

The primary features of the new system will be to:

  • Correlate data and events of the databases
  • To detect patterns in the stored information.
  • Role-based administration. Improve the audit of consultations on sources of information.
  • Reduce response times for the analysis of criminals and companies.

The system will have to integrate with other systems already in use.

Responses are due April 1.

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