Amentum books $591.6M Navy fleet support contract Kanok Sulaiman

The company will work with U.S. allies and provide ship and systems engineering services.

Amentum has secured a $591.6 million Navy contract that supports the Naval Sea Systems Command’s international fleet support program.

The company will deliver lifecycle support and other follow-on technical solutions for U.S. allies. Services include naval ship and systems engineering, maintenance, sustainment, and modernization capabilities.

Amentum said Tuesday it will work on on system upgrades, systems integration support, training, and efforts related to the transfer and acquisition, operation, and maintenance of naval vessels.

The work falls under NAVSEA’s PMS 326 organization oversees and support foreign military sales.

“We look forward to helping the Navy provide our trusted international maritime partners with leading edge sustainment and modernization solutions,” said Jack Kasiski, Amentum’s senior vice president for C5I, engineering and training.