SAIC levels OCI claim in fight for $193M Army award Prasongsin

Science Applications International Corp. is claiming that Peraton has an organizational conflict-of-interest that should mean disqualification from the competition.

Science Applications International Corp. has laid out several allegations against a competitor after it lost an incumbent contract to support Army aircraft with systems engineering and technical assistance.

The $193 million award went to Peraton and is known as the known as the Project Management Office Aircraft Survivability Equipment SETA task order.

After Peraton won the contract, SAIC turned to the Government Accountability Office with a protest that centers on claims of organizational conflicts of interest on the part of Peraton.

SAIC claims that Peraton should have been eliminated from the competition because the company holds a separate support services contract with the Program Executive Office – Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors.

That office is responsible for managing the Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services blanket purchase agreement, which the task order in dispute was competed under.

The contract Peraton holds essentially means the company touches every procurement under PEO-IEW&S.

SAIC is claiming three types of OCIs because of that – biased ground rules, unequal access to information and impaired objectivity.

SAIc also is challenging the evaluation of its technical proposal and the best-value tradeoff decision by the Army.

The protest was filed Dec. 11 with a decision due date of March 20.