Protests loom on eve of T4NG2 proposal deadline day Epitavi

With protests pending, the Veterans Affairs Department cannot make awards for this $60 billion vehicle that is its go-to technology transformation contract.

Several protests are still pending on the eve of final proposals being due for the Veterans Affairs Department's recompete of its flagship technology contract vehicle.

The Transformation Twenty-one Total Technology NextGen vehicle has a $60 billion ceiling and is the successor to T4NG, the VA's primary contract for buying a wide range of IT services and solutions

The VA has said it will make 30 awards to companies with the highest scores and best pricing. At least half of the awards will be reserved for small businesses.

Since the VA released the solicitation for version two in March, companies have complained about the self-scoring process the department is using.

Small businesses feel they are at a disadvantage if they are not teamed with a large business partner, a complaint similar to those raised about other multiple-award vehicles like T4NG2.

The protests currently pending were filed by Booz Allen Hamilton, Vet Source 1 and GovCIO. They have registered complaints to the Government Accountability Office ahead of the June 14 due date for proposals.

Booz Allen is challenging the VA’s self-scoring methodology and the inclusion of certain VA small business certification requirements. GAO's docket points to a decision due date of July 31.

GovCIO also is challenging the self-scoring methodology as well and is objecting to certain amendments the VA made after the original solicitation was released. That decision is due by Aug. 31.

Vet Source 1 argues a different point than the other protestors. They say that because the VA has issued several amendments to the solicitation, it should now allow bidders who didn’t initially submit proposals to get theirs in. GAO is expected to rule by Sept. 13.

The VA will still collect final proposals and can start on evaluations, but it cannot make an award until the protests are resolved.

Booz Allen's protest is noteworthy because it has been the recipient of T4NG contract obligations with $5 billion in task orders between itself and its acquisition of Liberty IT Solutions, according to GovTribe data.

Next is GovCIO with $927 million in task order spend.