New entrant makes first federal market acquisition Barraud

Galway Holdings has entered the federal market through its acquisition of Simatree, which recently won a spot on the General Services Administration's schedule.

Within a couple of months of landing its first spot on a government contract vehicle, a small government contractor has been snapped up by a holding company dipping its toe into the federal market for the first time.

Galway Holdings has acquired Simatree: a firm on strategy, data, analytics, and technology advisory services.

In September, Simatree announced it landed a spot on the General Services Administration's Schedules program.

Simatree was already providing change management, data analytics, and technology advisory services to the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services.

Patrick McCreesh, Wes Flores, and former Duke basketball star Jay Williams founded the company. Williams also is a basketball analyst for ESPN.

Galway also owns EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants and MAI Capital Management LLC. Prior to the Simatree acquisition, most of Galway’s investments fell into the broad category of wealth management.