iBiz captures FAA contract for transoceanic air traffic control development

IBiz will support research and development efforts by the Federal Aviation Administration develop the next generation of transoceanic air traffic control.

The Federal Aviation Administration has tapped DigitaliBiz for support services to the agency's En Route and Oceanic Integration and Interoperability Facilities.

The facilities provide the FAA with research and development, integration and other support to develop a new transoceanic air traffic control infrastructure, according to the FAA.

Under this $12 million contract, iBiz will provide engineering support, laboratory operations, hardware and software development and testing. Most of the work will take place at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in New Jersey.

“Our team brings a wealth of experience related to the operation and use of these critical aviation research and engineering facilities, and we look forward to continuing to support their evolution for the next five years,” said Michael Hawthorne, iBiz vice president.

iBiz is also bringing in partners that include En Route Computer Solutions, JVN Communications Inc. and Air Traffic Engineering Co. LLC.

iBiz has a long relationship with the FAA supporting air traffic management and control, En Route & Oceanic Laboratory operations, performance-based navigation and the National Airspace System infrastructure.