WT Innovator: cBEYONData eyes growth through focused strategy

CBEYONData put its focus on agency CFOs and compliance requirements from the DATA Act as a catalyst for its innovation strategy.

When Congress passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act in 2014, cBEYONData saw an opportunity to build a set of solutions to help agencies meet the requires of the new law.

Known as the DATA Act, it requires agency CFOs to use a common set of standards for financial data for consistent reporting and make government financial data more accessible and improve accuracy.

Lorton, Va.-based cBEYONData was picked as a 2017 WT Industry Innovator finalist because of the range of moves it has made to form alliances, develop technical solutions and make strategic hires.

The company entered into three critical alliances. One is with Information Builders for business intelligence and analytics. Another is with GB&Smith to gain access to more expertise with SAP Business Objects. A third with NS2 Serves aims to increase training for veterans.

Those alliances helped cBEYONData to build a practice around the DATA Act requirements.

Along with that, the company has added new internal structures for marketing, sales and delivery focused on agency CFOs.

The company’s has developed a project delivery methodology called eLASTICagile. It pulls together business intelligence, life-cycle development and maintenance. The tool uses visualization and metrics to keep projects on track.

In recent years, cBEYONData also has invested in infrastructure, big data and cloud computing.

For example, it has created its own cloud environment to demonstrate solutions to clients. The cloud environment also has lowered the company’s costs for developing and demonstrating its solutions.

As it has built its cloud expertise, cBEYONData also has become a cloud application migration company. It helps customers move to the cloud and then manage the applications after the migration.

Another sign of the company’s innovative culture is how it has built a virtual organization with employees based through the country and working from their own locations or from client sites. The company’s retention rate is 95 percent.

The company also is picking about who they hire as they look for employees with a mix of technical and financial expertise.