HP nabs $48M contract to aid health care reform

HP Enterprise Services has won a contract to help the state of Vermont reach its health care goals.

HP Enterprise Services has won a $48 million contract with the Vermont Health Access Department to help the state of Vermont reach its health care reform goals.

Under the contract, the company will relocate the current Medicaid management information system to a modernized data center, upgrade call-center technology, provide claims processing, financial management, drug rebate processing, system maintenance and a number of other services.

The company will also enable the state to expand its use of the HP Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository tool to track incentive payments to providers under the federal “meaningful use” requirements under the federal health care reform laws. The company also will make the compliant with new coding requirements known as ICD-10, the company said in a release.

This contract continues HP Enterprise Services’ 31-year relationship as the state’s Medicaid fiscal agent.

The company recently integrated Vermont Medicaid with 25 other health care programs under a single-processing environment, reducing administrative overhead and maximizing federal funding for state health care, the company said.