NVTC, PSC agree to work together on issues of mutual interest

In a memorandum of agreement, NVTC and PSC pledge support on federal contracting issues of mutual concern.

The Northern Virginia Technology Council and Professional Services Council have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing areas of mutual benefit for and leveraging the strengths of the two participating organizations, they announced on March 28.

Under the agreement, NVTC and PSC will extend member-level pricing to each other’s members for selected events, share legislative agendas and provide thought leadership, according to the joint announcement.

NVTC acknowledges PSC’s leadership and will offer support on certain federal policy matters, while PSC acknowledges NVTC’s leadership and will provide support on certain state-level policy matters.

“The Northern Virginia technology community is actively engaged in providing cutting-edge services to the federal government,” said NVTC President and CEO Bobbie Kilberg in the announcement. "NVTC and its member companies look forward to working in partnership with PSC to address the critical issues facing our nation’s government contracting community.”

"We have a natural affinity" said Stan Soloway, PSC president and CEO. "And this partnership will enable us to support each other and work together efficiently and effectively."