Will a lame duck save us from sequestration?

Ryep. Gerald Connolly thinks the so-called lame-duck session after the November election offers a brief window of opportunity for solving some of the contentious issues facing Congress.

Defense cuts find plenty of love with public

Cutting the defense budget gets overwhelming support from the public, but where specific cuts should be made is open to debate.

Is Congress moving to spike sequestration?

Language in the 2013 Defense Authorization bill is attempting to avert mandatory budget cuts that some fear could seriously hamper the Defense Department's mission, including the impact on contractors.

Anonymous targets cyber bill supporters

New hacker campaign also promises in-person protests outside offices of supporters of Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

NVTC, PSC agree to work together on issues of mutual interest

In a memorandum of agreement, NVTC and PSC pledge support on federal contracting issues of mutual concern.

More pressure to limit contractor pay

Two members of the Senate want to limit contractor salaries and guess which government employee's pay sets the bar?

Women-owned biz bill slashes dollar limit on contracts

The Fairness in Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Act of 2012 was introduced this week by seven senators.

Contractors seek voice in how to collect back taxes

While the Treasury Dept. is on the hunt for federal contractors with back taxes, industry wants to be engaged in the process too.

SBA's new size limits yield mixed reviews

Organizations, legislators react to new SBA policy on increasing small business size limits.

Panetta fires first shot in defense budget showdown

Get ready for the future's leaner Defense Department.

Obama plan merges six agencies, may save $3B

President Obama’s slimming down plan would merge SBA, parts of Commerce and other trade and business agencies into one department.

What does sequestration really mean for DOD?

The super committee's failure to identify $1.2 trillion in budget cuts was expected to trigger a nightmare for DOD, but is it happening?

From top DOD brass, more warnings against sequester cuts

Defense Secretary Panetta warns cuts could result in massive defense industrial base losses that would harm the U.S. economy.

OMB wants 10% budget cuts, warns of tough year ahead

The Obama administration issued new instructions to agency and department heads that warned of a "difficult year" ahead for budget cuts.

Companies struggle to prepare for default crisis

Our experts offer advice on what might happen next and how to prepare if the debt-ceiling crisis continues.

Biz groups want Congress to protect outsourcing

A coalition of business groups is asking Congress to uphold outsourcing and limit insourcing in the upcoming fiscal 2012 spending bills.

Senate outlines $6.4B in cuts to defense spending

The Senate Armed Services Committee is calling for $6.4 billion in defense spending cuts as it pushes forward its proposed DOD authorization for full Senate consideration.