Senate outlines $6.4B in cuts to defense spending

The Senate Armed Services Committee is calling for $6.4 billion in defense spending cuts as it pushes forward its proposed DOD authorization for full Senate consideration.

Vince Lombardi and federal management

Sen. Tom Carper recalls a saying by a legendary sports figure to illustrate the importance of setting clear goals.

Let's make the most of bin Laden's death

The celebration around Osama bin Laden's death should be used for some long-term benefits, like getting Republicans and Democrats to work together, writes Editor Nick Wakeman.

IT contract cost deviations could trigger CIO reviews

Senators have introduced legislation that would require agency CIOs to conduct a review of an IT project if it deviates 20 percent or more from its baseline cost estimate.

Bill would put job creation pressure on contractors

A group of House members wants companies to estimate the number of jobs they would create when they win a new contract.

Shutdown impact on DOD uncertain, but ominous

The Defense Department is closely studying its authorities to determine how to keep department functioning if the government shuts down.

What your customers face if the shutdown comes

Although President Barack Obama has repeatedly denounced a government shutdown in recent weeks, officials in his administration say they are cognizant that funding for the government expires April 8 and contingency plans are being prepared.

Due process for contractors under attack

Are you guilty until proven innocent? Columnist and PSC President Stan Soloway argues that too many people and groups want to slap contractors with a debarment without considering due process rights.

ICF in winning trio for new DOT environmental work

ICF International Corp., PB America and CDM, a consulting and engineering company, have won a five-year contract worth up to $40 million from the Transportation Department for environmental work.

Contractors, customers both hurt by short-term budget extensions

The federal government has been operating under temporary funding measures since October, leaving many agencies and contractors in limbo in terms of spending and planning for the current fiscal year.

Shutdown redux: Early proposals rejected

The Senate has rejected two separate spending proposals. Now the clock is ticking again toward a possible government shutdown.

TechAmerica Foundation gathers cloud commission

Marc Benioff and Michael Capellas will serve as co-chairmen of a new TechAmerica Foundation commission that will formulate public policies for the Obama administration’s Cloud First initiative.

Government shutdown temporarily averted

Congress has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government until March 18, temporarily staving off fears of employee furloughs resulting from a government shutdown this Friday.

Government shutdown could get postponed

It now seems likely that a feared government shutdown at the end of this week will be averted, but the reprieve is only temporary. If Congress can't agree on a budget deal soon, the threat will return in two weeks.

Broadband consultant frustrated with Beltway policy making

Craig Settles, a broadband industry consultant and president of, as a D.C. outsider is frustrated with the ways of decision-making inside the Beltway.

Is competitive sourcing ready for a comeback?

While competitive sourcing has been a no-show for several years, a new provision signals a change in the future toward the Bush administration's policy.

GAO freshens up its list of high-risk programs

The Government Accountability Office today updated its list of high-risk government programs, removing some programs and adding a new one.

House panel proposes steep funding cuts for agencies

The House Appropriations Committee has mapped out its spending blueprint, including proposing double-digit cuts for some federal agencies.

Policy issues dominate 2011 landscape

From the budget to procurement and new technology initiatives, government contractors face no shortage of hot topics in the coming year.

Bill would require agencies to designate chief operating officers

The Senate has passed legislation that would require federal agencies to set measurable performance goals and improve coordination to avoid duplication.