Panasonic merges media, display and Toughbook operations

Panasonic consolidates its media, display and Toughbook operations into one company, Panasonic Solutions

Panasonic announced today that it has consolidated several of its mobile computing, media and display technology operations into one company, Panasonic Solutions.

The new company, led by Rance Poehler, merges the existing Panasonic Computer Solutions, Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems and Panasonic Professional Display.

The new Panasonic Solutions Co. will offer content creation, collaboration and information sharing for customers in government, health care, education and industry, Panasonic representatives said. Panasonic Solutions products include projectors, display devices, high-definition video products and Toughbook mobile computing products.

“At Panasonic we have always been focused on providing the most reliable technology platforms to support our customers’ missions,” said Joseph M. Taylor, chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corp. of North America. “With this consolidation, Panasonic is streamlining its relationships with customers and offering them a broad portfolio approach.”

“Offering Panasonic’s array of mobile computing, video and display technologies under one banner makes sense,” said Roger Kay, principal analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates. “Many of Panasonic’s government and commercial customers rely on the company’s full suite of technologies to streamline operations, gather and analyze business intelligence, protect and train employees, and improve customer experience.”

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