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Trudy Walsh

Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

CA unveils new name and cloud products

CA Technologies unveils a new name and new cloud computing products and strategies at CA World 2010 in Las Vegas.

How to zip your laptop through TSA security

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh usually checks her 10-pound laptop in her luggage when she flies. How has your laptop fared going through airport security?

University of Maryland honors faculty members elected to National Academies

The University of Maryland held a reception for faculty members who recently were elected to the National Academies of Science and Engineering.

Panasonic merges media, display and Toughbook operations

Panasonic consolidates its media, display and Toughbook operations into one company, Panasonic Solutions

Hands on with Army Go Mobile gear

The real potential of the Go Mobile program is in providing military personnel access to their AKO/DKO accounts wirelessly. The days of luggable laptops might be over soon, replaced in this case with smart phones that pack almost as much computing power.

Top products: The class of 2009

GCN Labs picks the best products from 2009, based on more than 150 product reviews and rigorous testing.

i4i rebuts ‘each and every’ Microsoft Word defense

Plaintiff i4i files a responding brief in the Microsoft Word dispute, rebutting Microsoft’s defenses.

How you can get Internet Explorer 8

Three ways to get an updated version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 8.

Air Force picks HP for enterprise IT

Hewlett-Packard will provide workstations and desktop PCs to the Air Force under the service’s enterprise IT purchase program.

A world without Word?

If Microsoft is barred from selling Word, agencies would find alternative products and workarounds, observers say.

Federal future cloudy for Microsoft Word

Agencies are wondering how a court's ruling banning Microsoft from selling Word will affect their procurement plans.

Microsoft ordered to stop selling Word

Court rules that Microsoft stop selling flagship Word as a result of a patent dispute with Canadian company i4i.

Unisys achieves ISO 20K certification

Unisys' federal systems business has achieved ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 certification for its desktop-management services line and programs.

Raytheon supplies BC3 with battle technology

Battlespace Command and Control Center, a system that manages U.S. and coalition air traffic in Iraq, is utilizing several Raytheon technologies.

Cisco, Harris team on SMArT-1

Secure Mobile Architecture Type 1 will speed wireless networks installation for federal intelligence and civilian agencies.

Growth of state budgets halts

Flying high two years ago, state budgets are coming back down to earth with a thud, according to a new report on state spending, revenue actions and year-end balances.

Bearingpoint to tune up Missouri vehicle system

BearingPoint won a contract worth up to $50 million from the Missouri Revenue Department to design, implement and maintain a new motor vehicle system.

EDS to modernize Ky. tax system

Electronic Data Systems has won a contract from the commonwealth of Kentucky to develop an automated tax system.

Something to celebrate

Project Bonfire at Hill Air Force Base streamlines systems and improves aircraft maintenance.

Skire to 'unify' Ohio agency, college software

Skire Inc. has announced an enterprise agreement valued at $3.5 million to provide its Unifier software to all of Ohio's state agencies, colleges and universities.