Lockheed Navy award aims to boost sub imaging capabilities

Lockheed Martin will provide imaging engineering services to the Navy under a contract valued at almost $93 million.

Lockheed Martin Corp. will provide imaging engineering services to the Navy under a contract valued at almost $93 million.

The award calls for Lockheed Martin to support the AN/BVY-1 Integrated Submarine Imaging System (ISIS) and for production of related hardware.

ISIS revolutionizes Navy submarine surveillance capabilities by integrating digital video and still images from devices mounted on a submarine’s exterior and presenting real-time imagery and analysis at control room tactical displays, company officials said.

ISIS also provides submarine operators with additional image enhancement and analysis tools; active and passive range finding control; and recording, storage and recall options for imagery and associated data.

In addition, the system’s infrared cameras can enhance images and transmit them from the submarine to other naval units and joint forces. ISIS can be used with periscope or photonic mast applications, the officials said.

Lockheed Martin began designing and testing a portion of the inboard hardware and software for ISIS in 2004; it was first installed in a U.S. Navy submarine in 2006.

Under the new contract, Lockheed Martin will continue to provide design, development, testing, technology insertion/refreshment, production engineering, field engineering and system support services for ISIS.

“With ISIS, a submarine operator can manipulate a photonics mast with a joystick, while looking at digital video on a computer monitor, and share that video real-time with the entire combat team on various displays aboard the vessel,” Denise Saiki, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin’s Undersea Systems business, said in a company statement.

The defense contractor has already delivered components for 20 ISIS systems for Los Angeles-class attack submarines and four configurations for Ohio-class guided missile submarines. ISIS is also scheduled to become the image processing system for the Virginia-class submarine.

Industry partners include 3Phoenix, In-Depth Engineering Corp. and Somalysts.

Lockheed Martin, of Bethesda, Md., ranks No. 1 on Washington Technology’s 2009 Top 100 list of the largest federal government prime contractors.