Chinese impressions

Superstition, brand-consciousness dominate the nation

Visiting Expo 2010 Shanghai

Pavilions at the international expo reflect the cultures and values of their nations—or do they? Globetrotting blogger Steve Kelman files this report.

Meeting the prime minister of the Palestinian authority

Dr. Salaam Fayyad tells Steve Kelman's group about the Palestinian Authority's desire to build up governing capabilities in anticiaption of independence from Israel.

Blogging from Israel: Random impressions

Steve Kelman travels to Israel to meet with Israelis and Palestinians.

Good news: Progress on strategic sourcing

The General Services Administration’s new strategic sourcing agreements for office supplies makes good business sense, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Governmentwide contracting: In praise of duplication and overlap

Blogger Steve Kelman writes that the problem of having different prices for the same item across various contracts is better than having just one bad price everywhere.

New federal hires want meaningful work

Any instance these young people experience where they are not given work sends a terrible signal to them about expectations of federal employees, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Want program staff more involved in contracting? Make their jobs more interesting

Blogger Steve Kelman proposes a way to strengthen the role of the contracting officer's technical representative in the procurement process.

Is Internet freedom coming to China?

Blogger Steve Kelman takes gets a surprising response to his informal survey and American and Chinese students at the Kennedy School.

Tax day: The price we pay for civilization

Blogger Steve Kelman reflects on the importance of taxes -- and the value of good government management.

OPM’s latest workplace experiments

OPM’s Results-Only Work Environment is a good example of how to bring management innovation into government, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Is GSA gunning for other GWACs?

Blogger Steve Kelman argues that the federal government is better off having GSA compete with other agencies for acquisition business.

GSA tries wiki approach to develop RFPs

The General Services Administration wants public commment on requests for proposals, but blogger Steve Kelman wonders whether the public take the agency up on it.

A practical way to spice things up for new contracting employees

Give high-school grads some of the routine work, so the specialists can engage their minds with bigger challenges.

KSAs and hiring reform in government

OPM's new leader wants to reform the hiring system so that greater numbers of qualified candidates can compete for jobs.


Agencies should not fear talking to contractors

Columnist Steve Kelman writes that communication between government and industry is key to saving money and and preventing misunderstandings in contract language.