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Steve Kelman

Kelman is professor of public management at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and former administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Connect with him on Twitter: @kelmansteve

Free expression in China: Opportunities and limits

An English-language Chinese newspaper is surprisingly candid, Steve Kelman learns.

Should contractors keep the right to respond to past-performance reviews?

Steve Kelman considers a proposal to disallow contractor responses to past-performance reviews.

PowerPoint and a new generation of visual learners

Steve Kelman learns a few things about the power of images.

Message to Facebook: Knock off the changes.

Facebook's Timeline feature creates confusion, not clarity.

How to make reverse auctions even better

Steve Kelman advises FedBid on how to enhance the value of its reverse auction service.

Spread this around: Fresh ideas from the front lines of contracting

Steve Kelman and a group of contracting official present a number of ideas that could be used elsewhere in the government.

The dynamics of taking blame in the workplace

A researcher shares with Steve Kelman some findings on what happens to people who take blame for problems in the workplace.

A Facebook scam that almost caught me

Columnist Steve Kelman comes close to falling for a Facebook scam.

Accountability, transparency and their unintended consequences

Organizations that emphasize accountability and transparency often find it difficult to improve performance, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Do program managers belong in program offices, or in IT shops?"

Should program managers--the professionals who are best-suited to provide a results-oriented, front-line perspective on the features of the system as it is developed and released--work with program offices, or in IT shops? Blogger Steve Kelman ponders the question.

Winning the immigration lottery -- literally

Blogger Steve Kelman is impressed with a U.S. immigration policy that draws qualified applicants from all over the world.

Technical knowledge and government IT professionals: An oxymoron?

Do government IT pros have the expertise to know a good technical idea when the see it? And, even more importantly, can they distinguish between suggestions that are self-serving from those that are in an agency's interest?

More debate about pre-RFP talks between government, industry

Blogger Steve Kelman responds to comments he received on a recent blog post about the sensitive nature of government-industry communications.

Improving federal IT acquisitions

Blogger Steve Kelman contends vendors should make experts available to provide comments or suggestions on technical or contracting strategy issues during the contract bidding process.

Sad about the situation of Muslims in the U.S.

Blogger Steve Kelman wonders why, when it comes to Muslims, some Americans have abandoned the commitment to religious tolerance.

Waving the public service banner at the Kennedy School

An event during the first week of classes illustrates why it can be a challenge to attract students to work for government, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

GSA schedules: Are agencies paying too much?

Blogger Steve Kelman is looking to the procurement community for ideas on how to help agencies take full advantage of the General Services Administration's schedules.

Florida in the summer

Blogger Steve Kelman explores the cultural contours of South Florida, including its interesting architecture and strange traffic patterns.

A Web-based model for procurement contests

Blogger Steve Kelman believes drug company Eli Lilly has developed a sound approach to funding research and developments via online challenges.

Final impressions of China: Land of contradictions

Blogger Steve Kelman is fascinated by the contradictory images that people have of China.