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Justin Katz is a former staff writer at FCW.

Warner previews cyber breach notification bill

The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said he will introduce legislation to mandate that companies notify the government to major cybersecurity breaches, a promise several lawmakers have made this year.

Biden's first budget ups cyber and tech spending; gives feds a 2.7% pay raise

The Biden administration released its $6 trillion fiscal year 2022 budget proposal on Friday, including $1.5 trillion in discretionary spending across federal agencies.

New NASA contract puts focus on cyber

NASA is aiming to correct longstanding cybersecurity management issues identified in a recent inspector general report through a unified IT contract that was scheduled to publish a request for proposals this month.

Industry groups ask for more funding boost for CISA

CISA received $650 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, but the agency's top officials have described that as only a "down payment" to improve the government's cybersecurity efforts.

Biden names leaders for top cyber jobs

National Security Agency veterans will serve as first national cyber director and lead the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Expected breach disclosure mandates will test government-industry cooperation

The White House and lawmakers are eyeing steps to make sure contractors have to alert the federal government to cybersecurity breaches on their systems, but expect companies to balk at rules that put them at risk for legal action or require the disclosure of trade secrets.

Industry groups call for TMF reforms following funding boost

Industry groups want changes to how the government operates the modernization fund now that it has grown to $1 billion.

TMF set to receive $1B infusion in COVID relief bill

Former federal IT leaders say that the boost for the Technology Modernization Fund is welcome, but the big money may necessitate process changes.

Supply chain hack took a thousand engineers to pull off, tech exec tells Congress

The scope and scale of the attack as described by Microsoft President Brad Smith is in keeping with the attribution being made by public sector and private sector officials that the hack was perpetrated by Russian-sponsored actors.

Biden speech pledges international cooperation on cyber

Biden addressed the global security forum for the first time as president last week when he called for the United States to cooperate with European allies on establishing cyberspace norms.

Proposal gives incentives for electric companies to improve cybersecurity

The new rule, proposed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, would subsidize electric companies that upgrade their cybersecurity infrastructure beyond the minimum requirements.

Biden picks campaign veteran for federal CISO job

Chris DeRusha, who led information security on the Biden campaign, is the federal government's new chief information security officer.

Biden floats $9B boost to tech modernization fund

The incoming Biden-Harris administration announced a $1.9 trillion "rescue" package to help Americans whose incomes have taken a hit from the pandemic, which includes a major uptick in technology spending to secure government systems and spur modernization.

House makes changes to FedRAMP

The House this week passed a bill aimed at standardizing the processes federal agencies use to onboard cloud computing technologies.

Labor Department rule lets contractors shirk anti-discrimination policies with religious exemptions

The move will make it easier for companies that are organized around faith-based activities to evade certain civil rights laws and policies when making hiring decisions.

NDAA includes cyber czar, CISA subpoenas

Lawmakers are poised to vote on a defense policy bill that would advance dozens of recommendations made by a cyberspace commission.