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Henry Kenyon

How BlackBerry holds onto government users

Despite growing competition from Android and Apple, RIM says its security, support for BYOD policies and cross-platform management services appeal to agencies.

IBM's Watson charts new frontiers for computer science

IBM's "Jeopardy!"-winning computer broadens the boundaries of human-machine interactivity.

Lessons from VA's ups and downs

CIO Roger Baker offers insights into how Veterans Affairs is managing its IT and the example it might present for others.

Air Force signs contract with General Dynamics to provide top brass with secure smart phones

Spectra Edge handheld phones feature encryption approved by the National Security Agency.

Navy's strategy for the $50B NGEN program is too risky, auditors say

A new report calls for the Navy to stop funding its next-generation networking program until it reviews alternative acquisition strategies.

NASA seeks deep space communications tech

A new NASA program is reaching out to private industry for novel communications technologies for future spacecraft.

Modernization, IT efforts get spotlight in Army budget

Army's proposed budget emphasizes force maintenance and modernization.

Industry holds key orbit in new space policy

The new National Security Space Strategy outlines how the U.S. government will manage its space industrial base, defend its space assets and share space-based resources with allies.

Red Hat acquisition opens way for new cloud services

Acquisition of Makara provides new scalable technologies for upcoming Red Hat cloud offerings.

Army IT strategy for intell includes key role for cloud computing

The Army intends to push vast amounts of the intelligence data it collects to a cloud environment.

On Thanksgiving, fed IT leaders count their blessings

We asked your colleagues what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving.

VA plans $815M computer buy

The department plans to buy up to 600,000 computers under an 8-year, $815 million contract.

Army prepares for shrinking budgets

Upcoming Defense Department efficiency measures have Army officers thinking about balancing the need for force modernization with tight future budgets. What steps have they already taken?

Carey to replace DOD's Wennergren

Navy CIO Robert Carey will replace David Wennergren as deputy assistant secreatary of defense for information management.

DARPA plans tools to lighten load of battlefield data

DARPA's Insight program will develop automated tools to help human analysts sift and identify valuable battlefied data from a variety of information sources and platforms.

Product interoperability effort is showing promise

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium demonstrates the first products and programs that meet its interoperability standards.

Do agencies still have year-end spending sprees?

We tried to find out what agencies are spending their year-end money on, but it might not work like that anymore.

Government waking up to social media, survey finds

A new report finds the government adoption of social media lags behind the commercial sector, but new policies have launched a flurry of activity.

Can technology erode a mountain of classified documents?

DARPA solicits bids for new technologies to help declassify the mountains of U.S. government classified data.