Lockheed pays millions to settle False Claims allegations

Lockheed Martin said it will ensure its supplier management process is vigorous following the allegations.

Lockheed builds data farm to house AF flight testing

The farm will connect with the Joint Strike Fighter U.S. Reprogramming Lab’s storage of software and data from F-35 mission tests.

CGI to support artillery systems under Army contract

Contract will provide software engineering and system support to CECOM.

A-T Solutions tasked with anti-IED training for Marines

The $38 million task order calls for IED countermeasures training to meet the Marine Air Ground Task Force requirements.

Should contractors get blamed for counterfeit parts?

Counterfeit parts, mostly made in China, have found their way into the U.S. military's supply chain, and now members of the Senate Armed Services Committee want to hold contractors more responsible.

FBI reportedly arrests 37 in Boeing-based drug ring

The FBI busts a drug ring at a Boeing facility near Philadelphia.

BAE milks tank-cloaking technology

New Adaptiv technology can make a vehicle invisible in the infrared spectrum or make it look like something else, even Bessie the cow.

Contractors share $900M prize to develop the Army's smart combat vehicle

Two teams of contractors, one led by BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman and another by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin Corp., share a $900 million contract to develop the technology for the Army's smart combat vehicle.

Did SAIC, Jacobs write their own contract?

The Defense Department's inspector general found that SAIC and Jacobs Engineering performed too many government functions under a mine-resistant vehicle contract. Where did they cross the line?

General Dynamics faces tough negotiations to build Navy ships

General Dynamics and the Navy continue contract talks for two destroyers.

Finmeccanica battles American defense giants for Air Force contract

Competition heats up for a U.S. Air Force contract to build jet trainers.

Terrorists target wrong contractor in assassination plot

Al-Qaida targets wrong CEO in uncovered terrorist assassination plot.

DRC's twin wins prop up Air Force unmanned aircraft program

Dynamics Research Corp. will continue to provide engineering and technology services to the Air Force, having won a pair of two-year delivery orders worth a combined $24.5 million.

TASC wins $600M contract to create counter-WMD technologies

TASC Inc. will provide advisory and assistance services to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to battle weapons of mass destruction.

Industry holds key orbit in new space policy

The new National Security Space Strategy outlines how the U.S. government will manage its space industrial base, defend its space assets and share space-based resources with allies.

TASC captures $200M infrared Air Force contract

Company will help the Air Force with its space-based infrared systems, used for missile defense.

DOD moves to shift $3.9B to pressing wartime needs

Defense Department planners want to shift a significant chunk of funding away from programs that are struggling or of low priority to more pressing needs to support the war effort in Afghanistan, reports Kate Brannan at Defense News.

Northrop to install infrared warning systems on Marines' choppers

Northrop Grumman Corp. will provide infrared missile warning systems to the Navy under an $80 million contract.

Alion to support Air Force information analysis center

Alion Science and Technology Corp. will provide research and testing services to the Air Force Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center under a new contract.

Lockheed captures $435M missile defense system contract

Lockheed Martin Corp. will supply the Army with assistance fielding and maintaining a weapon system designed to defend against short-and-midrange ballistic missiles under a new contract.