Verizon wins $187M Networx deal at HHS

Verizon captures deal that calls for managing a million customer calls a week for the next seven years.

Verizon lab to demo the greener side of telecom

Verizon Business opens a lab to show feds how optical local-area networks can help make buildings greener by reducing the energy needs of their networks.

Telcos aim to take business from integrators

As the network does indeed become the computer, Susan Zeleniak of Verizon Federal thinks telecommunications carriers might be poised to take business from systems integrators. Zeleniak and Verizon have done it already.

Verizon harvests bumper crop of Networx awards from USDA

Verizon leads the way in September with 38 fair opportunity tasks awarded during September under the Networx Universal contract.

Verizon adds new feature to Networx contract

Verizon has won a contract modification on Networx that lets it to sell LAN management.

Six companies up for $25 million in USDA contracts

The Agriculture Department awarded six companies the chance to compete for contracts worth up to $25 million to enhance the security of USDA's technology.

Avaya wins auction for Nortel

Avaya Inc. has emerged as the winning bidder for Nortel Network Inc.'s enterprise business.

Verizon 'legend' to retire

Dennis Strigl announces retirement plan after leading operations for Verizon's network businesses, such as Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts.