Meet the 7 leaders who will be steering modernization dollars

The Office of Management and Budget announced the first members of the Technology Modernization Fund Board.

GSA takes closer look at IT portfolio

Following the release of the Digital Government Strategy, GSA CIO Casey Coleman says her agency will looks to review its IT portfolio as part of the federal IT reform.

Shared services poised to reshape the federal market

Industry should brace for impact as the government adopts more shared services, CIO warns.

Kundra claims he started to close the IT gap

Vivek Kundra, the first federal CIO, offers some parting thoughts on public service.

Crowdsourcing knowledge management

Steve Kelman wonders why Google lacks a "like" button.

Public management conference offers insights you should care about

Steve Kelman reports on the insights gleaned at a recent public management conference.

$130M up for grabs in DOE research grants

Breakthroughs in biofuels, rare earth alternatives and solar power electronics are just some of the areas DOE will focus on.

CTO shares lessons learned from freeing HHS data

The Health and Human Services Department has been pushing out its data in recent months and the results have sparked innovation and helped consumers, Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said at a new media conference.

FAA puts IT projects on fast track

The FAA is saying good-bye to projects that take years to payoff, if ever. How quickly do they now want contractors to show results?


Data overload threatens with rise of smart tech and real-time sensors

The government needs to get smart about handling the coming flood of real-time, sensor-based data, writes consultant Marc Demarest.

WikiLeaks no-peeking order: Silly or serious?

Even though WikiLeaks has published pages and pages and pages of secret cables and documents, federal employees are under orders not to look at them.

Do program managers belong in program offices, or in IT shops?"

Should program managers--the professionals who are best-suited to provide a results-oriented, front-line perspective on the features of the system as it is developed and released--work with program offices, or in IT shops? Blogger Steve Kelman ponders the question.

6 IT lessons learned the hard way

Even the best government IT practitioners had to fail at some point to learn the lessons that propelled them to their eventual successes. Here are their stories.

Fiscal year-end spending: Does 'use it or lose it' still rule?

Since 2001, the Office of Management has championed a number of ideas or programs intended to bring order to federal IT spending. But has it really made a difference?

Army launches 'don't ask, don't tell' inbox

The intent of the inbox is to help the Army assess and consider whether repeal of the law would reduce operational readiness or unit cohesion.

White House preparing agency IT project hit list

The White House plans to publish a list of high-risk IT projects in need of rescue as part of the Obama administration's effort to rein in $20 billion of annual IT infrastructure spending.

Senators concerned about counterfeit parts

Recent reports on counterfeit electronics and IT products show increases in the number of incidents and inadequate policies to deal with the problem.

Industry retirees leave mainframe computers behind

Old mainframe computers stay at a company longer than the employees who know how to run them, according to a news report.

OMB wants to know how agencies manage risky IT projects

Agencies now will have to prove to the Office of Management and Budget they can effectively manage their high-risk IT projects, according to federal CIO Vivek Kundra.

New-look Federal Register online debuts

The government today released a new online prototype for its daily diary of agency and news that's designed to be more usable, understandable and accessible.