DOD looks to unconventional methods in fight against IEDs

The U.S. military's counter-IED agency is focusing on intelligence and robotics in the continuing fight against a critical threat to soldiers' lives.

Can the US stay the global leader in cloud computing?

TechAmerica Foundation collaborated with NIST and provides 14 recommendations and a Cloud First Buyer’s Guide for agencies.

5 critical steps on the road to IPv6

Connecting with the rest of the world could soon require the use of IPv6, and agencies should begin preparing now to use the new protocols.

Do agencies still have year-end spending sprees?

We tried to find out what agencies are spending their year-end money on, but it might not work like that anymore.

Can the Apple iPad get any workplace respect?

Apple's iPad tablet computer is attracting some interested glances from government

GSA solicitation solidifies cloud commitment

Efforts advance to make cloud computing services accessible to federal agencies with new RFQ, the launch of a web site, and new support for FedRAMP program.

Feds, industry to hash out cloud standards at May summit

The Cloud Summit, to be hosted on May 20 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will turn attention to creating standards for data interoperability, portability and security.

Feds prepare RAMP for cloud

A new program could make it easier for agencies to get authorization to move to their IT operations to the cloud.

NIST to map road to digital record preservation

NIST is hosting the first of an important series of meetings next week as a first step toward developing a national road map to digital record preservation.

NIST guidelines: Broccoli and cheese

NIST's FISMA project leader explains how agencies can team up to hack away at the time and effort needed to qualify IT products and services for purchase.

NIST cryptographic showdown enters round two

NIST has eliminated 37 algorithms that had been submitted in a contest to choose the next cryptographic hash. Now, 14 contenders remain.

NIST gets new director at a critical time for the agency

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has become an economic enabler for a nation that is increasingly dependent on IT and the ability to securely share and use information, said newly confirmed administrator Patrick Gallagher.

NIST readies Smart Grid security architecture

A cybersecurity working group is developing a security architecture and comprehensive set of security requirements to accompany the Smart Grid framework being developed by NIST's office for Smart Grid interoperability. A preliminary report is expected to be released for comment shortly.

New law helps NIST hire experts

NIST says the Competes Act is helping the agency hire experts for short-term jobs, the GAO says.

NIST moves a step closer to a unified security framework

The latest draft of this revision of Special Publication 800-53 contains security controls for national security as well as other IT systems, and was developed in conjunction with the military and intelligence communities.

House passes technology, science bills

The House has approved bills designed to strengthen federal agencies' cooperation on international science and technology research and on domestic science education.