Microsoft Federal leader moves to Amazon

The head of Microsoft Corp.’s federal division will shift to Amazon to lead its cloud computing efforts.

Novell purchase to cost Attachmate $2.2B

Novell last week announced it will be sold to Attachmate, a business software company based in Seattle, for $6.10 per share.

PowerPoint: Your guide to loving it, hating it or leaving it

FCW cartoonist and blogger John Klossner provides some handy tips for loving PowerPoint -- or for getting more time to spend with your family.

Google sues Interior over cloud RFQ

Google and a cloud partner have sued the government alleging that an Interior Department RFQ unfairly excludes Google.

Ozzie lays out 'post-PC world'

Ray Ozzie, renown for jumpstarting Microsoft's move to the Internet cloud, described a new vision for the company in a "post-PC world."

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie to retire

Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie is stepping down from his role and will retire, the company announced late Monday.

Ballmer fills key executive holes

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has named three new company presidents and reorganized two of the company's business units.

Microsoft tells Virginia, 'We will build it'

Virginia has enticed Microsoft Corp. to invest up to $499 million to locate its latest-generation data center in Mecklenburg County, Va.

Would Patton survive in today's PowerPoint military?

Would Patton or MacArthur survive in the modern military's PowerPoint culture? Some of our readers doubt it.

Microsoft, Salesforce settle patent dispute

Microsoft and have reached an out-of-court settlement concerning alleged patent violations. Agreement includes undisclosed 'compensation' for Microsoft.

Google releases FISMA-compliant Apps for Government

Apps for Government is the first suite of cloud computing applications to receive Federal Information Security Management Act certification and accreditation from the U.S. government. Microsoft also working to obtain certification for Web-based e-mail.

DARPA crowdsourcing chief joins Microsoft

Peter Lee, head of DARPA's Transformational Convergence Technology Office, is stepping down to join Microsoft.

Windows 8 details may have been leaked

Slides purporting to show Windows 8 features, release date, have emerged on the Web.

Microsoft unveils 'Windows embedded handheld' efforts

Microsoft today described an operating system branding and restructuring effort aimed at the enterprise mobile devices market.

Google browser targets federal market

Google is subtly increasing pressure on Microsoft with a new release of its Chrome browser. Government employees may now have a new alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer platform: Google has released a new stable version of its browser for Mac and Linux, bringing it out of beta for these two platforms.

Are Google Apps and Microsoft headed for a showdown?

Google Apps is poised to challenge Microsoft's share of the federal IT market.

Microsoft should get a tablet partner, report says

Microsoft's Windows consumer empire is at stake if it doesn't quickly find a tablet device manufacturing partner.

Microsoft-Yahoo search deal gets regulatory approvals

Microsoft and Yahoo got approvals from U.S. and European regulators to proceed with their search-advertising business deal.

CDW small-biz team wrangles large Microsoft win

CDW Government teams with TCK Integration Services to win a $200 million contract to supply Microsoft products across the Energy Department.

Feds could get access to advanced cloud-computing technologies

Microsoft and National Science Foundation team up to provide cloud-computing tools to certain users.