L3Harris presents its business case for the Aerojet acquisition

Federal antitrust regulators are hearing from L3Harris Technologies as to why they should approve the $4.7 billion transaction. Investors have now heard from L3Harris as to why they should be on board with it.

L3Harris hires new president for communications segment

This business unit accounts for nearly a quarter of L3Harris revenue and houses the company's tactical radio business.

L3Harris lines up buyer for commercial geospatial software business

The selling party is about to close one almost $2 billion acquisition and start working to complete a second, much larger buy.

Why L3Harris' CEO expects approval for proposed $4.7B Aerojet buy

L3Harris Technologies is poised to present a different position for why it should be allowed to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Navy awards $4B shipboard network production contract

The program known as CANES enters increment two of full production to consolidate the networks.

Workforce dynamics remain paramount across the government market

Booz Allen Hamilton and L3Harris Technologies talk about talent trends and strategies with their investors.

L3Harris invests in autonomous sea vehicle maker

Both firms see their partnership as facilitating collaboration and technology sharing.

L3Harris' strategy and branding all about changing the status quo

CEO Chris Kubasik sits down with us to discuss L3Harris' identity as the defense market's "Trusted Disruptor," plus all the recent activity to push further on that identity.

L3Harris to pay nearly $2B for Viasat secure data business

The seller is in the midst of its own acquisition that also represents industry consolidation.

L3Harris hires new mission systems president

The executive currently in that role will move into another focused on overall corporate strategy.

Blue chip defense companies mark the week's venture activity

Boeing and L3Harris Technologies respectively put their names to investments in a pair of fundraising rounds for software startups.

L3Harris making down payments for its supply chain future

The defense company wants to dial back some of the "just-in-time inventory" approaches that have dominated the entire economy for decades.

L3Harris board adds Goodyear finance exec

The 15-year Goodyear veteran oversees the tire making giant's capital allocation management function.

DOD makes $1.3B in tracking satellite layer awards

This block of 28 satellites will be part of a next-generation space architecture envisioned as a large number of smaller-sized satellites.

L3Harris invests in laser communications firm

The companies already work together to make airborne laser communications products.

PROJECT 38: How L3Harris wears its 'Trusted Disruptor' hat

Company no. 10 on our 2022 Top 100 rankings views that its embrace of that identity as requiring both internal and external components, L3Harris Technologies executive Sean Stackley says in this episode to our Ross Wilkers.

TOP 100: Inside L3Harris' plan to disrupt the defense market

Company No. 10 on our 2022 Top 100 rankings is implementing a strategy it says askews a 'business as usual' approach in favor of doing things differently.