DOD's investment arm details its financial playbook for scaling out tech

How the Defense Department's Office of Strategic Capital outlines the financial tools it will lean on to advance component-level technologies is equally as, and maybe more, important as the list of tech priorities.

Averting the digital generation's communication crisis

Business development expert Nic Coppings says that the digital generation needs help developing emotional intelligence, a critical skill when engaging with customers. Here's where to start.

Navigating M&A in the set-aside world

Brian Peirce of Rock Hall Partners explains the key factors buyers consider when targeting companies with set-aside contracts.

Palantir's teaming approach on display in $178M Army targeting tech win

Our eyes go immediately to Palantir's lineup of industry partners for the "TITAN" program that show both disruption and teaming, especially when seeing both longstanding and emerging players on the list.

Sikorsky, Rain demo autonomous firefighting helicopter

The companies integrated their autonomous flight and wildfire detection technologies into a Black Hawk helicopter.

DOD's new industrial strategy points to the future of national security

Kirk Konert, a managing partner at AE Industrial Partners, highlights the role of private capital in making the Defense Department's new industrial strategy keep going forward.

8 habits that push your customers away

Business development expert Nic Coppings offers a reality check for government contractors and the many ways they alienate customers.

Just how good is Gen AI in helping with proposals?

Lohfeld Consulting's Bruce Feldman shares the findings of a new AI study that found several areas that were reassuring and some surprises.

One size doesn't fit all for multi-factor authentication

Gina Scinta, deputy chief technology officer at Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies, explains how to implement multi-factor authentication so its a powerful tool for mitigating the phishing attacks.

Why small defense and government tech companies need an M&A strategy

Zack Hester of Bluestone Investment Partners explains why now is the right time for small and midsized companies to get involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Solving manpower challenges with enterprise IT modernization

CACI International executive and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Nagata explains how enterprise IT modernization offers powerful and profound ways to significantly improve combat readiness and performance.

How to find that pathway to success through the SBIR program

Colvin Run Networks CEO Nikhil Shenoy shares how his company used the SBIR program and the lessons learned that can help other small businesses succeed.

CMMC's effective date appears likely to be early 2025

The Defense Department needs to adjudicate comments and Congress needs to review the final rule on how contractors protect information before the standard takes effect.

How enterprise IT modernization solves the manpower challenge

Retired general and CACI executive Michael Nagata explains how enterprise IT modernization supports combat readiness and performance.

Five lessons learned as you prepare for CMMC

Cybersecurity expert Derek Kernus explains what was learned when a small business client went through a voluntary Defense Department assessment of how it protects controlled, unclassified information, meeting many of the CMMC requirements.

6 steps for entrepreneurs and tax planning

Wealth planning expert Jamie Waldren offers six steps business owners can take to avoid taxes and build their wealth.

Why 2024 will be a year of revolution in digital citizen services

The provision of thoughtful and effective citizen services remains a cornerstone of good governance and societal progress, with advanced technology a big part of that.