2023 Top 100

78: LMI Consulting
Top 100 Revenue: $341,081,000
Defense Revenue: $192,948,000
Civilian Revenue: $148,133,000
2022 Revenue: Privately held
2022 Earnings: N/A
2021 Revenue: $397 million
2021 Earnings: N/A
Number of employees: 2,000
Headquarters: Tysons, Virginia
Website: https://www.lmi.org/

Doug Wagoner, president and CEO
 Jonathan Baba, SVP, defense
 Karen Britton, chief digital officer
 Suzan Cengiz, chief performance officer
 Kristen Cheman, SVP, digital and analytical solutions
 Chrissy Cocrane, SVP, management advisory services
 Donna Diederich, CHRO
 Tamara Jack, CFO
 Marion Kennedy, SVP, intelligence market
 Joseph Niehaus, SVP, logistics
 Joseph Norton, CTO
 Pete Pflugrath, EVP, markets and growth
 Scott Recinos, SVP, homeland security
 Zaki Saleh, SVP, health and civilian market
 Josh Wilson, EVP, service lines and technology

Ticker: Privately held
Lines of business: Digital and analytic solutions, logistics, management advisory services
Major customers: GSA, Defense, DHS, HHS, NASA
Major contracts/projects: Professional services schedule, GSA IT 70; OASIS, HCaTS