2017 Fast 50

18: LinTech Global Inc.
Location: Farmington Hills, MI
Annual growth rate: 78.6%
2016 Revenue: $20,353,903.00
2015 Revenue: $15,730,412.00
2014 Revenue: $9,015,889.00
2013 Revenue: $5,535,306.00
2012 Revenue: $2,002,068.00
Leadership: Michael Lin
Number of employees: 170
Website: http://www.lintechglobal.com
Lines of business: Health IT, Cyber Security, Agile Software Development, Financial Management
Major customers: Army TRADOC, INSCOM, Army Corps, Naval Hospital, DHA, VA, WHS, Naval Medical Research Center, FAA, DCMA, DSCA, Treasury, Missile Defense Agency, NSF
Major contracts/projects: STARS 2, eFAST, MOBIS, DHA Enterprise ITSS, TRADOC ECP, NMRC IT/IM, USACE JCMS, DSCA Financial Management, VA BI Support, FAA DMS, MDA IT/Operation Support, SOUTHCOM FMSS