2013 Fast 50

25: Freealliance.com LLC
Location: McLean, Virginia
Annual growth rate: 81.38%
2012 Revenue: $2,609,883.61
2011 Revenue: $301,250.74
2010 Revenue: $13,235.27
2009 Revenue: $127,160.00
2008 Revenue: $241,151.48

Anil Sharma CEO

Number of employees: 9
Website: http://freealliance.com/
Lines of business: Infrastructure Management IT help Desk Desktop and End user Support Server & Storage Support Windows, Linux, AIX and Unix Support Network Support Information Security C&A (FISMA / NIST / HIPPA)
Major customers: Federal Maritime Commission Department of Interior – BIA Department of Treasury - IRS US Air Force Defense Logistic Agency United Nations State of Texas, Michigan, Oregon DSHS, WA State Booz Allen Hamilton Comsys IPSO FACTO Market Rx -Cognizant
Major contracts/projects: N/A